How Live chat software Can Improve Conversions For a Website

In the past decade, real world businesses have embraced the .com revolution to a great extent. If you are a business, you might know that having an online presence helps in improving the reach and expanding the volume of customers or clients.

Competition goes beyond boundaries. Nowadays, starting an online business or having a web presence for your business is a lot more easier, when compared to being static in the offline world and assuming that the customer will “find” you when they need your service or are looking for your product. To attract more customers and retain existing ones, businesses in almost all verticals are moving to the web, which is not without its own drawbacks.

Live Chat Revolution

The biggest problem “real world” consumers face in a website is “interaction“. Sometimes, they don’t know how a particular feature works. Sometimes, they can’t find what they are looking for and sometimes, they need an answer to their question while they are on your website. And they want it fast, right now!

A live chat solution fills this “interaction” gap, providing a live contact gateway between the consumer and the owner of a business. In business terms, “Live Chat” is an articulation of turning leads into potentials. Let us simplify the concept with an example –

A business has a website which sells movie dvd’s, blu-ray’s and even has offers on downloading movies. John,a movie buff not well versed with technological advancements, bumped over the website through Google search results. He is on the signup page, but he is not really sure about the pricing of different movies, how to download movies or how to navigate through the list of available movies. He was about to leave the website due to insecurity and confusion but right before he decided to quit, a small window popped into the screen -“Hi, how may I help you?”

Now John who was on the verge of losing it all, replied “Yes”. Then the communication went on, John’s every exclusive doubt was clarified by the support agent. Payment was made, John even ordered 3 movies and put 2 in downloads. “John” who was a “lead” at one point was about to go “cold” on the deal because of his inability to use the website. But, with “Live Chat” support, that “Lead” turned into an “opportunity” and then to a “Deal”. So, How live chat helped here –

  • Customer did not have to go elsewhere, did not have to call an unknown toll free customer service number. The customer asked all his queries and was answered straight away. The system offered “ease of acquirement”.
  • Customer, who just wanted to know the prices and the movie list had actually bought requisite subscriptions, ordered number of units of the product. It offered “ease of fetching vocation from the customer”.
  • Customer was easily educated about the features. It offered “ease of handling queries”.
  • Customer was turned out to be a satisfied customer in the end rather than a frustrated one with the “Live chat” help. It offered “ease of generating satisfied customers”.

There could be plenty of other real life examples of the same profile. But, live chat integration into your website nowadays is crucial for your business.

Eminences of Live Chat Software

Live Chat Software can benefit users as well as a business owner in more ways than one:

Prompt Assistance
Immediate help can be provided to the customer with the integration of “Live Chat” in your website. Customer might have a myriad of questions in mind or might get stuck on the payment page. In that frame of mind, customer may decide to either quit the website or call up the customer support number. After calling up the customer support, customer might or might not be able to communicate well with the support representatie, or might miss on the questions he wanted to ask till the time he reaches the support rep.
Spontaneous help will always be appreciated by your customers. Your customer would not have all the time in the world to go through each and every section of your website and understand everything in one go. So, customers will be looking for other options for sure if he could not get immediate help. “Live Chat” will surely be that instant apprentice to converse that disorganized customer to a commercial one.

More authentic than phone support
“Live Chat” could turn out to be more accurate and helpful than telecommunication support. Reasons are plenty but some of them could be –

  • Customer will be asking questions that he or she currently has in mind. Customer does not need to list their confusions and then start questioning the support representative. Also, the support represntative on the other side of the chat will also have the complete structure of possible questions related to the software or product he or she is providing support on. So, this two way ethical communication will make the conversation as relevant as possible for the customer.
  • The customer would not need to wait at all in the queue to get through a support person or deal with multiple departments before reaching the “correct functional group” like in phone support.
  • This support function is pretty cost effective, unlike phone support , where the cost could scale up based on the duration of the call.

Know customer’s whereabouts and embrace them accordingly
A customer will be more happy and influential if being treated homely. A simple addition of personalization into “Live Chat” could do wonders for your business. Let’s say a customer reaches your website(He is a frenchman). Now, at the same time if the customer is greeted by the support rep over “Live Chat” as “Salut! Comment vas-tu?”(Hi, How are you?) or Comment puis-je vous aider?(How may i help you?) the customer will surely be glued to your rep’s personal attention.

This can be done by indulging codes to identify customer’s location in your website. So, a more personalized touch can be given to the conversation between you and your customer that could transpose it into a monetary transaction.

Improve client satisfaction and command trust
In multiple studies, its being found out that “Live Chat” support in a website improves customer satisfaction in comparison to telephonic support over good dominations. This satisfaction leads to trust on your domain. The customer starts trusting your website notions and services if he or she is being greeted well, being assisted immediately, being supported on their mode of interest, being supported on personalized levels. This bunch of experiences will surely going to enhance your customer base.

Scrutinize highest number generators
With “Live Chat” indulgence you can influence customers that are giving you maximum business. For example – A customer who has been purchasing products or being served from your website for long is on your website again today and started figuring out your new clothing line. Now as soon as the customer is on the “Fresh Stock” page, a support rep greets the customer over chat support “Hi Mr. Matthews, we have some fresh stock for you today. Would

He but the be

Customer will be delighted and feel valued for giving you business. He will be surely be expanding your business base by following your rep’s advices and buy your products. The rep will have all the transaction history of the customer + Revenues generated + Customer’s location, name, address etc, this will help the rep to build a great repo with the customer and help you maximizing your business circumferences.



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