Using The “Supervise” Feature: Let Multiple Operators Join A Chat Conversation

The role of a support executive is to provide good customer support and help the customer in any possible way

But chat operators may sometime need additional help and guidance from other employees of your organization

Customer service is not a department, its everyone’s job; time and again you will have situations when you would want to hook up someone from another team to an active live chat session

Let’s take an example to understand this context more closely

Picture a

Sometimes, you, being the CEO of your company, may want to step into a live chat session to see how things are going

Supervising A Live Chat With Conversion Support

The Supervise feature of Conversion Support allows you to supervise live chat sessions from Conversion Support’s web console and Android application

When a live chat session is underway, your agents can join the live chat and chat with the visitor

Here is how it works

Let’s say Jennie, one of your support agents, is currently engaged in a live chat with one of your customers

Jennie wants Josh from the “Accounts” team to have a chat with the customer and resolve a billing issue

During the chat session, John can’t go to Jennie’s desk as they work from different offices and are geographically separated from each other

This is when John needs to use Conversion Support Supervise feature

Ideally, Jennie will first add John as a user of her company’s Conversion Support account

Next, John has to login to his Conversion Support account and he can join the already active chat session by clicking “Supervise”


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When John joins the live chat session as a “Superviser”, the visitor will have no clue that someone other than him and the current chat agent is viewing the chat

However, Jennie will know that John has entered the live chat as a “Superviser”

Next, both Jennie and John and send chat messages to the visitor, this is a perfect way to provide support when multiple people need to join in the conversation

Here is an example of how the “Supervise” feature of live chat actually works:

Jennie: Thank you for contacting us

This is Jennie, How may I help you?

Visitor: If I subscribe to the quarterly plan, can I downgrade to the monthly plan later?

Jennie: Yes you can always downgrade or upgrade to any plan you like

Visitor: I am interested in subscribing to the quarterly plan but I was wondering whether it is possible to downgrade to the monthly plan after a month

Would you refund me the fee if I do so?

Jennie: Just a moment, we will have someone from the Accounts team answer your query

Thanks for your patience

John: Hi, Thanks for your question

I am John and I take care of all accounting operations for our company

Yes, you can downgrade to any plan whenever you want to, just send an email to your account manager and he will take care of everything

You will only be charged for the current month and we will refund the surplus amount to your account


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