Add a Live Chat application to your Facebook Page

Yes, substantial offerings of Facebook are inclined towards “social connections” but it has extensively been matured as a “Business marketing” tool

Facebook advances business owners to develop their trades in many ways

Fabricate your own Facebook page in your own business approach

Facebook let’s you create your own business page

It’s a great opportunity to expand your product/business/brand on Facebook because of it’s users reach

Almost all of your customers

are on Facebook and it eminently helps in populating your business notions

Mending your business page on Facebook let’s your customers connect directly to you because people are hooked to Facebook 24 hours a day

It’s economical and more effective than a luxurious campaign or a TV commercial

In addition to this, Facebook let you utilizes “friends of friends” feature that smoothly let your customer’s Facebook connections to be conversed through your page

Facebook, Your Business and Providing Support

Unlike any other support function, “live chat software” availability on your Facebook page could work wonders for your business

Let’s frame a scenario where you have set up a business page with the attributes of selling electronic items on Facebook

Your customers have started visiting your page

One of the lead wants to know your discount benefits on purchasing two MP 3 players

He is not sure if he wants to visit your website for further details or call your toll-free number

At the same time he observes the “chat” icon in your page and clicks on it

He is immediately greeted by your support agent and offered spontaneous help

Your lead has persuaded with this approach, got his issues sorted out and signed out as your “customer” after purchasing your product

This is the power of live chat software on Facebook

  • Your customer’s do not need to “extract” time to buy your product

    They come to Facebook everyday and spend a good amount of time

  • It’s fast and easy than any other support mediums like traditional phone calls or e-mail

  • Customers will be accommodated right away

    No wait time at all

  • Helps in effectively populating your products to your customer’s social connections

Conversion Support’s live chat Facebook application helps you provide support to customers on Facebook

Just add Conversion Support’s application to your Facebook page and you are all set

Here, at Conversion Support we continuously

strive on offering you the best of support features and Facebook plugin is one of those powerful offerings

Availability of this icon on your page means that Conversion Support has been successfully added to your Facebook page and your customer’s are now open to get help from your live chat representatives

To initiate a chat, all they need to do is hit the “Start chat” button in your Facebook page

Conversion Support’s Facebook live chat app let you effectively activate your brand’s social exposure in no time

Your customers will get a live chat support from your Facebook page while talking to their friends on Facebook

It’s easily attainable, manageable and reflective

This is an easiest way to reach your possible leads and start strengthening your customer base

Haven’t tried our Facebook plugin yet?

Get started from here, we would love to see your feedback’s coming

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