Introducing Conversion Support’s Live Chat Joomla Module

Do you have a website, blog or an ecommerce store, powered by the Joomla content management system? Do you want to add a live chat software to your Joomla website? We’ve got you covered:

Introducing Conversion Support’s Live Chat Joomla module, the extension allows you to add a live chat widget to your Joomla website

We understand your need for a simple, yet customizable live chat application which can completely blend with your website’s branding and theme.Moreover, you don’t want to touch or modify existing code on your website and want a seamless live chat integration that just works.

Hence, we thought it would be really useful for website owners if they can plug a live chat module in their existing Joomla website to capture more leads, improve conversion rates or provide better support to their customers. Conversion Support’s Joomla module can be integrated in multiple websites and it needs absolutely no configuration

The following tutorial gives a quick walkthrough of all the steps required to add live chat module to your Joomla website

Live Chat For Joomla – Getting Started

  • First, you will need to create an account with ConversionSupport.
  • Head over to the signup page and create your account, it’s free and we don’t ask for your credit card information
  • Once you have signed up for Conversion Support, navigate to the “Settings” page and take note of your Conversion Support account number
  • You will have to enter the same account number in your Joomla module settings, once it is installed.
  • Download Conversion Support’s Joomla module.
  • Open your website’s Joomla administration area and login with a user account that has administrative privileges
  • Once you’re logged in, go to Extension Manager.
  • In the extension manager page, click “Choose file” and select the zip file which you downloaded.
  • Next, click “upload and install” and the package will be uploaded to your website.
  • Next, go to “Extensions”, click “module manager” and select Conversion Support’s module, as shown in the following example
  • Once you’re on the module manager page of Conversion Support, you will notice a right panel labelled “Conversion Support Settings”
  • Remember you copied your unique Conversion Support account number in step 2. Enter your account number in the settings panel of the module and you’re done!

That’s it, you have successfully installed Conversion Support’s live chat module in your Joomla website. Now all you need to do is specify the pages of your website where you want to show the live chat button or icon.

To do this, scroll down and select your required pages from the “menu assignment” section. If you want to show live chat module across all the pages of your website, choose “all pages.”

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