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Email Chat Transcripts To Any Email Address

Conversion Support has a very useful “Transcripts” feature which automatically saves chat conversations within your Conversion Support account console. Chat transcripts are particularly useful when you want to refer to old conversations for information that you might have forgotten. Also, you can use to save chat transcripts to know the date and time of a specific chat conversation, refer to old messages for more information and know how a specific chat conversation had happened in the past. This greatly helps in knowing the priorities and needs of the lead, so you can plan the next approach accordingly.

Apart from reading chat transcripts from your Conversion support account console, did you know that you can chat transcript to any email address, directly from your Conversion Support account?

Here is how to do it:

1. Login to your Conversion Support account.

2. Navigate to the “Transcripts” tab, select the “Transcript” and click the “Email” button.

Email chat transcripts to any email address3. You can email the transcript to any email address, not just your own.

Here is how the chat transcript looks in your email inbox:

Notice that, we email the following things along with the entire chat conversation

  • IP address of the visitor
  • Operating system
  • Browsing environment
  • The page chat was initiated.

That’s pretty good volume of information, isn’t it?

If you have any questions, please drop us a line at

Online Chat Support – A Customer’s Perspective

Being a part of an online chat software project and exposed to its numerous benefits, I, now communicate over chat in preference to phone and email to online businesses.

But, being inclined towards online chat doesn’t mean that I should contemplate myself lucky all the time. At least, the online

live or a social feedback. But, it surely helps. By the end of a business conversation, asking customer to post a small feedback on your Facebook or Google+ pages could work wonders for your business. These feedbacks give a little but important insight of the areas your business need to improvise and also helps you in expanding the user base. However, NEVER force a customer for a feedback. You may get one but not at the cost of the customer.

Conversion Support is one robust online chat software that hardly breaks. Moreover, with a number of powerful and easy to use features, it gives all the power to you.

If you do not have a Conversion Support account yet, don’t wait, try it for FREE here.

To know more about Conversion Support, click here.

You may have questions. Utilize our round the clock support. Call us at 800.220.5390 or drop us a message at and we shall get back to you at the earliest.

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Three Online Chat Benefits You Shouldn’t Give a Miss to!


Chat, Why Do You Need It?

Online chat solution is a prerequisite for your website, period. Gone are the days, when phone support and email communications were the only support mediums. When customers had to wait on the phone till they get a representative or wait for at least 24 hours to receive a reply from the email support team. However, these support functions are still in regulation but online chat has entirely changed how the online audiences respond to your website. It extensively improves customer service that eventually increase sales as well.

why do you need online chat - conversion support

So, why you, as a business owner need online chat?

Here is why:

Remove Confusions and Strengthen Customer’s Buying Decisions

fix confused customers - online chat - conversion support

Let’s admit this. It happens at times, when a customer comes to your website through search engines, tries to find what he or she is looking for, gets muddled and make an exit out of frustration and confusion. The clean interface and easy navigation channels in your website seem to be of no use when it occurs.

An online chat software makes sure that your customer doesn’t remain confused. And even if they do at some point, the online chat emerges for their rescue at that very moment. A pop-up window that reads “Is there anything you need help with? I would love to help you out.” turns your confused, unsure website visitor into a probable buyer. An online chat software helps your potential customers in staying out of turmoil and help them make a buying decision.

Accelerate conversions

Accelerate conversion - online chat conversion support

Online shoppers have choices. Plenty of choices. It’s unimaginable for a website visitor to call your support number or dig into your support section to find what they are looking for. They have a universal choice in a state of confusion, that is to turn up to your competitors.

Here, you need a support solution that is quick, easy and moreover “human”. Triggering the online chat help at the right moment could work wonders for your website and business. Your website visitor also feels valuable and remains undistorted.

Reduces Shopping Cart Abandonment

Reduce shopping cart abundances - online chat - conversion support

Today’s shopper is a smart shopper. He may not know where to spend but he definitely knows how to spend. Being on the payment page or witnessing the warning of a possible redirection

Conversion Support online chat software helps you in streamlining your business operations, increase conversions that in turn improve sales. It’s easy to install and manage. Moreover, you do not need any special skills to use Conversion Support. It has top notch features like, Proactive chat, Offline lead capture, Pre-chat survey, Real time visitor monitoring, co-browsing, canned responses and so forth. Plugins are available for Joomla and WordPress powered websites as well. What’s more, Conversion Support online chat plugin can also be attached to your Facebook page.

conversion support online chat

Now, support your website visitors with confidence and witness increased sales like never before with Conversion Support online chat software.

To know more about Conversion Support, click here.

Get started with a 30 day trail version, for free, here. Or you can opt for our affordable plans, here.

If you have any questions, don’t pause. We can be reached at 800.220.5390 or drop us a mail at

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Enable Conversion Support Desktop Notifications In Chrome For Online Chat

Conversion Support’s desktop notification for online chat

These days, “Desktop Notification” comes as an imperative feature in most of the web apps that could show application related notifications on your desktop. What it means is that you no more need to navigate to the necessary app and detect any new, unread notifications.

Conversion Support online chat gives a new context to Desktop Notifications. With Desktop Notifications enabled, you get notifications of the incoming chat messages from your website

your browser, on your desktop.

It greatly helps when something urgent appears and you need to break apart from your browser for sometime. Now, you will not oversight any important chat notifications when your browser window miniaturizes.

We recommend Google Chrome

web browser for Conversion Support online chat for optimal performance.

This is how you enable Desktop Notifications in Google Chrome:

1. Click “Settings” in the Menu.

Click Settings - Chrome Browser - Conversion Support Online Chat

2. Under “Settings”, click on “Show Advanced Settings”.

Show Advanced Settings - Chrome Browser - Conversion Support Online Chat

3. Under “Privacy”, Click on “Content Settings”.

Content Settings - Chrome Browser - Conversion Support Online Chat

4. Under “Notifications”, fill the check box that reads: “Ask me when a site wants to show desktop notifications (recommended)” and click “Done”.

Enabling Notification - Chrome Browser - Conversion Support Online Chat

5. Login to your Conversion Support account. Click “Enable desktop notifications” and click “Allow”.

Enable Desktop Notification - Chrome Browser - Conversion Support Online Chat

6. From now, you will get notifications of a new chat visitor or chat message on your desktop.

Chat Notification - Chrome Browser - Conversion Support Online Chat

New Message Notification - Chrome Browser - Conversion Support Online Chat


This is how you disable Desktop Notifications in Google Chrome web browser:

1. Click “Settings” in the menu.

Click Settings - Chrome Browser - Conversion Support Online Chat

2. Click on “Show Advanced Settings”.

Show Advanced Settings - Chrome Browser - Conversion Support Online Chat

3. Under Privacy, click on “Content Settings”.

Content Settings - Chrome Browser - Conversion Support Online Chat

4. Under “Notifications”, click on “Manage Exception” and remove “” and click “Done”.

Disable Conversion Support Desktop Notification - Chrome Browser - Conversion Support Online Chat


Enabling Desktop Notification in Conversion Support online chat recovers an inordinate amount of your time and diminishes the possibility of missing important messages from your website visitors. Now, work on other assignments without overlooking chat notifications, with ease.

You may want to read: Desktop Notifications in Google Chrome.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please drop us a message at and we shall get back to your at the earliest.




Add a Live Chat application to your Facebook Page

Yes, substantial offerings of Facebook are inclined towards “social connections” but it has extensively been matured as a “Business marketing” tool

Facebook advances business owners to develop their trades in many ways

Fabricate your own Facebook page in your own business approach

Facebook let’s you create your own business page

It’s a great opportunity to expand your product/business/brand on Facebook because of it’s users reach

Almost all of your customers

are on Facebook and it eminently helps in populating your business notions

Mending your business page on Facebook let’s your customers connect directly to you because people are hooked to Facebook 24 hours a day

It’s economical and more effective than a luxurious campaign or a TV commercial

In addition to this, Facebook let you utilizes “friends of friends” feature that smoothly let your customer’s Facebook connections to be conversed through your page

Facebook, Your Business and Providing Support

Unlike any other support function, “live chat software” availability on your Facebook page could work wonders for your business

Let’s frame a scenario where you have set up a business page with the attributes of selling electronic items on Facebook

Your customers have started visiting your page

One of the lead wants to know your discount benefits on purchasing two MP 3 players

He is not sure if he wants to visit your website for further details or call your toll-free number

At the same time he observes the “chat” icon in your page and clicks on it

He is immediately greeted by your support agent and offered spontaneous help

Your lead has persuaded with this approach, got his issues sorted out and signed out as your “customer” after purchasing your product

This is the power of live chat software on Facebook

  • Your customer’s do not need to “extract” time to buy your product

    They come to Facebook everyday and spend a good amount of time

  • It’s fast and easy than any other support mediums like traditional phone calls or e-mail

  • Customers will be accommodated right away

    No wait time at all

  • Helps in effectively populating your products to your customer’s social connections

Conversion Support’s live chat Facebook application helps you provide support to customers on Facebook

Just add Conversion Support’s application to your Facebook page and you are all set

Here, at Conversion Support we continuously

strive on offering you the best of support features and Facebook plugin is one of those powerful offerings

Availability of this icon on your page means that Conversion Support has been successfully added to your Facebook page and your customer’s are now open to get help from your live chat representatives

To initiate a chat, all they need to do is hit the “Start chat” button in your Facebook page

Conversion Support’s Facebook live chat app let you effectively activate your brand’s social exposure in no time

Your customers will get a live chat support from your Facebook page while talking to their friends on Facebook

It’s easily attainable, manageable and reflective

This is an easiest way to reach your possible leads and start strengthening your customer base

Haven’t tried our Facebook plugin yet?

Get started from here, we would love to see your feedback’s coming

Live Chat Software’s -Best regulations

Live chat software significance in current era

Online businesses are just not left being an “Online-24 X 7” businesses only. In current business propositions, your competency solely lies in ethically enticing customers to subscribe to your services or products. To attract your audience and entice them to “do” something on your website, you should have a proactive system that provides them support. Having a Live chat software on your website gives your business that extra edge which let’s you outperform your competitors. According to statistical representations on Eco consultancy, in the US 79% of online shoppers preferred Live chat software support over other forms of support because they were answered immediately on their queries.

Availability of a Live chat software system on your website gives your customer that additional moment of decision making that could work wonders for your online trade. Live chat software is unquestionably effective for any online business, but how to make most out of your live chat software?

Here are some tips to make the most of live chat on your website:

Strictly spread word about your business hours
It’s a fact that most of online businesses follow 24 * 7 * 365 work & support routine due to their global reach and varied audience base, spread across the globe. But, some businesses fail to be available round the clock due to time zones and other overheads. Customer’s who are aligned towards 24 hrs online shopping might not know that your business hours are limited to 16 hrs a day. If you are not following 24 * 7 sale or customer support structure, you have to make it crystal clear to be seen on your website as well as your live chat software window text.

Reason behind this is simple, your customers do not want to be in dilemma on your work schedule. They do not want to witness a live chat software window open on their laptops with a green check mark but unable to receive any replies due to unavailability of an agent. Keep this front of your business simple and straight.

Your team should comprise of insightful visions
Live chat software integration is just about a few clicks away but accommodating chat representatives who are resourceful and fast learners are not as easy as it seems. You have to make sure that your live chat software support team should be completely equipped with your business and product details, keep a complete FAQ of possible issues, price lists,product return policies and moreover adequate in immediate and neutral acknowledgements.

Your support reps should be able to provide 100% accurate information and that too instant. None of your leads would want to wait for an answer for 5 minutes of a simple question like “What are your discount benefits on purchasing 3 sets?”.

Avoid following “only”scripted replies
Your leads don’t know your chat agents are to be stuffed with live chat software windows. They expect to be replied back with certain amount of empathy. Your live chat software agents must be in a practice of replying customers with little personalization. Mentioning “Did you have to wait long before connecting to me?” or “Your initials are beautiful.” would not take a lot of your agents time but surely let the customer feel valuable. Chat agents should not need to be completely mechanical while talking to customer. Of Course, agents should not bypass grammatical notions but should not need to be completely scripted as well. This adds more value to a communication between your customer and agent and directly impacts your business.

Social Connections are important
Today’s business era is hugely pillared on social networks. Any online business now almost necessarily needs to have a page on Facebook twitter in order to expand their customer base. These indirect social connections hugely helps in evolving a business. Asking your customers to visit your business’s Facebook page to “comment” or “like” isn’t a bad custom till the time its not being overdone by your reps. At the end of the chat, when

your rep feels that the customer is being provided with all the information and is somewhat persuaded they can be asked to visit your Facebook or twitter page for comments and if they feel inclined towards your service they could like or follow your business pages. This will help populating your business to your customer’s social circle on a big extent.

Your visibility adds more humanization to your chat
It’s a fact that every technological advancement has it’s own pros and cons. Unlike any other technology trigger, Live chat software integration’s are also being used to add unnecessary value to a dead or bogus business web page. A customer might not judge your active physical presence till the time they don’t get requisite signals. Adding your profile picture or company logo to your live chat software window gives your leads confidence and trust on your presence. Customers would like to know if you are an affixed“Bot” or a real human. This action is surely going to help your reps involve their customers completely.

Conversion support is competent enough on all the business fronts associated with leads and customer handling. With conversion support live chat software integration in your website, a large portion of your lead generation efforts will be reduced to a satisfactory level. With effective features in its design and solid back end connections, Conversion support will let you accomplish your business and customer specific targets with ease.Conversion Support has a very easy to use design with no complicated navigation channels at all. Everything is centralized and available on the same page itself.

A. Installation – Click on the installation option in order to check the code that is available for your acquirement. Just copy and paste the code in your website’s HTML source and you are done!

B. Chat Appearance – In chat appearance you will have more than easy options of chat window customization. You could create an “in page chat or a pop-up chat” under “Chat Window type”. You also have an option to create a new chat window for a different website if you have one. Chat icons are also could be chosen from the subsequent option you could either choose an icon from the library or could customize an existing icon. Conversion

Not this asked

Conversion support live chat software appearance

C. Manage Users – Under manage users, You could have a look at all your live chat software agents at once, You can add new members, You can make them active or inactive in just a mouse click. All of this can be done under one hood!

conversion support live chat software user management

D. Overflow – No doubt, your website will be evolved with time. You will have more customers visiting your website day in and day out. To handle those precious numbers you can use our overflow feature if your existing agents are stuffed with other customers. We could certainly accommodate skillful agents and too with within minutes. It can be disabled any moment in just one single click!

conversion support live chat software overflow handling
E. Agents Online – Will give you a clean composition of your currently logged in and available agents.

F. Lead Capture– Leads count is what most online businesses breath on. Conversion support offers you exactly what you would like to be seen in real time. Your business hours or your agents might not be available during a specific time frame. You would not like to miss your visited leads for sure. Under offline behavior you could either use a hide chat icon at the time frame of your unavailability or could use an offline form in order to collect your customer’s responses.

Its a proven practice to ask users beforehand for what exactly they require before let them dive into the live chat software window with a chat rep. Its gives your agents that extra preparatory moments that would help them understand your customers requirements in a single go.

You could also trigger proactive chats on your website in order to enhance customer support experience. Your customer might require your chat reps help all over your website. Conversion support’s proactive chat surely does the job!

conversion support live chat software lead capture

G. Change Password – Changing password is just made simple with Conversion support. Click on change password put your new password and its done!

conversion support live chat software chanding password

How Live chat software Can Improve Conversions For a Website

In the past decade, real world businesses have embraced the .com revolution to a great extent. If you are a business, you might know that having an online presence helps in improving the reach and expanding the volume of customers or clients.

Competition goes beyond boundaries. Nowadays, starting an online business or having a web presence for your business is a lot more easier, when compared to being static in the offline world and assuming that the customer will “find” you when they need your service or are looking for your product. To attract more customers and retain existing ones, businesses in almost all verticals are moving to the web, which is not without its own drawbacks.

Live Chat Revolution

The biggest problem “real world” consumers face in a website is “interaction“. Sometimes, they don’t know how a particular feature works. Sometimes, they can’t find what they are looking for and sometimes, they need an answer to their question while they are on your website. And they want it fast, right now!

A live chat solution fills this “interaction” gap, providing a live contact gateway between the consumer and the owner of a business. In business terms, “Live Chat” is an articulation of turning leads into potentials. Let us simplify the concept with an example –

A business has a website which sells movie dvd’s, blu-ray’s and even has offers on downloading movies. John,a movie buff not well versed with technological advancements, bumped over the website through Google search results. He is on the signup page, but he is not really sure about the pricing of different movies, how to download movies or how to navigate through the list of available movies. He was about to leave the website due to insecurity and confusion but right before he decided to quit, a small window popped into the screen -“Hi, how may I help you?”

Now John who was on the verge of losing it all, replied “Yes”. Then the communication went on, John’s every exclusive doubt was clarified by the support agent. Payment was made, John even ordered 3 movies and put 2 in downloads. “John” who was a “lead” at one point was about to go “cold” on the deal because of his inability to use the website. But, with “Live Chat” support, that “Lead” turned into an “opportunity” and then to a “Deal”. So, How live chat helped here –

  • Customer did not have to go elsewhere, did not have to call an unknown toll free customer service number. The customer asked all his queries and was answered straight away. The system offered “ease of acquirement”.
  • Customer, who just wanted to know the prices and the movie list had actually bought requisite subscriptions, ordered number of units of the product. It offered “ease of fetching vocation from the customer”.
  • Customer was easily educated about the features. It offered “ease of handling queries”.
  • Customer was turned out to be a satisfied customer in the end rather than a frustrated one with the “Live chat” help. It offered “ease of generating satisfied customers”.

There could be plenty of other real life examples of the same profile. But, live chat integration into your website nowadays is crucial for your business.

Eminences of Live Chat Software

Live Chat Software can benefit users as well as a business owner in more ways than one:

Prompt Assistance
Immediate help can be provided to the customer with the integration of “Live Chat” in your website. Customer might have a myriad of questions in mind or might get stuck on the payment page. In that frame of mind, customer may decide to either quit the website or call up the customer support number. After calling up the customer support, customer might or might not be able to communicate well with the support representatie, or might miss on the questions he wanted to ask till the time he reaches the support rep.
Spontaneous help will always be appreciated by your customers. Your customer would not have all the time in the world to go through each and every section of your website and understand everything in one go. So, customers will be looking for other options for sure if he could not get immediate help. “Live Chat” will surely be that instant apprentice to converse that disorganized customer to a commercial one.

More authentic than phone support
“Live Chat” could turn out to be more accurate and helpful than telecommunication support. Reasons are plenty but some of them could be –

  • Customer will be asking questions that he or she currently has in mind. Customer does not need to list their confusions and then start questioning the support representative. Also, the support represntative on the other side of the chat will also have the complete structure of possible questions related to the software or product he or she is providing support on. So, this two way ethical communication will make the conversation as relevant as possible for the customer.
  • The customer would not need to wait at all in the queue to get through a support person or deal with multiple departments before reaching the “correct functional group” like in phone support.
  • This support function is pretty cost effective, unlike phone support , where the cost could scale up based on the duration of the call.

Know customer’s whereabouts and embrace them accordingly
A customer will be more happy and influential if being treated homely. A simple addition of personalization into “Live Chat” could do wonders for your business. Let’s say a customer reaches your website(He is a frenchman). Now, at the same time if the customer is greeted by the support rep over “Live Chat” as “Salut! Comment vas-tu?”(Hi, How are you?) or Comment puis-je vous aider?(How may i help you?) the customer will surely be glued to your rep’s personal attention.

This can be done by indulging codes to identify customer’s location in your website. So, a more personalized touch can be given to the conversation between you and your customer that could transpose it into a monetary transaction.

Improve client satisfaction and command trust
In multiple studies, its being found out that “Live Chat” support in a website improves customer satisfaction in comparison to telephonic support over good dominations. This satisfaction leads to trust on your domain. The customer starts trusting your website notions and services if he or she is being greeted well, being assisted immediately, being supported on their mode of interest, being supported on personalized levels. This bunch of experiences will surely going to enhance your customer base.

Scrutinize highest number generators
With “Live Chat” indulgence you can influence customers that are giving you maximum business. For example – A customer who has been purchasing products or being served from your website for long is on your website again today and started figuring out your new clothing line. Now as soon as the customer is on the “Fresh Stock” page, a support rep greets the customer over chat support “Hi Mr. Matthews, we have some fresh stock for you today. Would

He but the be

Customer will be delighted and feel valued for giving you business. He will be surely be expanding your business base by following your rep’s advices and buy your products. The rep will have all the transaction history of the customer + Revenues generated + Customer’s location, name, address etc, this will help the rep to build a great repo with the customer and help you maximizing your business circumferences.



Introducing Conversion Support’s Live Chat Joomla Module

Do you have a website, blog or an ecommerce store, powered by the Joomla content management system? Do you want to add a live chat software to your Joomla website? We’ve got you covered:

Introducing Conversion Support’s Live Chat Joomla module, the extension allows you to add a live chat widget to your Joomla website

We understand your need for a simple, yet customizable live chat application which can completely blend with your website’s branding and theme.Moreover, you don’t want to touch or modify existing code on your website and want a seamless live chat integration that just works.

Hence, we thought it would be really useful for website owners if they can plug a live chat module in their existing Joomla website to capture more leads, improve conversion rates or provide better support to their customers. Conversion Support’s Joomla module can be integrated in multiple websites and it needs absolutely no configuration

The following tutorial gives a quick walkthrough of all the steps required to add live chat module to your Joomla website

Live Chat For Joomla – Getting Started

  • First, you will need to create an account with ConversionSupport.
  • Head over to the signup page and create your account, it’s free and we don’t ask for your credit card information
  • Once you have signed up for Conversion Support, navigate to the “Settings” page and take note of your Conversion Support account number
  • You will have to enter the same account number in your Joomla module settings, once it is installed.
  • Download Conversion Support’s Joomla module.
  • Open your website’s Joomla administration area and login with a user account that has administrative privileges
  • Once you’re logged in, go to Extension Manager.
  • In the extension manager page, click “Choose file” and select the zip file which you downloaded.
  • Next, click “upload and install” and the package will be uploaded to your website.
  • Next, go to “Extensions”, click “module manager” and select Conversion Support’s module, as shown in the following example
  • Once you’re on the module manager page of Conversion Support, you will notice a right panel labelled “Conversion Support Settings”
  • Remember you copied your unique Conversion Support account number in step 2. Enter your account number in the settings panel of the module and you’re done!

That’s it, you have successfully installed Conversion Support’s live chat module in your Joomla website. Now all you need to do is specify the pages of your website where you want to show the live chat button or icon.

To do this, scroll down and select your required pages from the “menu assignment” section. If you want to show live chat module across all the pages of your website, choose “all pages.”

Using The “Supervise” Feature: Let Multiple Operators Join A Chat Conversation

The role of a support executive is to provide good customer support and help the customer in any possible way

But chat operators may sometime need additional help and guidance from other employees of your organization

Customer service is not a department, its everyone’s job; time and again you will have situations when you would want to hook up someone from another team to an active live chat session

Let’s take an example to understand this context more closely

Picture a

Sometimes, you, being the CEO of your company, may want to step into a live chat session to see how things are going

Supervising A Live Chat With Conversion Support

The Supervise feature of Conversion Support allows you to supervise live chat sessions from Conversion Support’s web console and Android application

When a live chat session is underway, your agents can join the live chat and chat with the visitor

Here is how it works

Let’s say Jennie, one of your support agents, is currently engaged in a live chat with one of your customers

Jennie wants Josh from the “Accounts” team to have a chat with the customer and resolve a billing issue

During the chat session, John can’t go to Jennie’s desk as they work from different offices and are geographically separated from each other

This is when John needs to use Conversion Support Supervise feature

Ideally, Jennie will first add John as a user of her company’s Conversion Support account

Next, John has to login to his Conversion Support account and he can join the already active chat session by clicking “Supervise”


jpg” alt=”” border=”0″ />

When John joins the live chat session as a “Superviser”, the visitor will have no clue that someone other than him and the current chat agent is viewing the chat

However, Jennie will know that John has entered the live chat as a “Superviser”

Next, both Jennie and John and send chat messages to the visitor, this is a perfect way to provide support when multiple people need to join in the conversation

Here is an example of how the “Supervise” feature of live chat actually works:

Jennie: Thank you for contacting us

This is Jennie, How may I help you?

Visitor: If I subscribe to the quarterly plan, can I downgrade to the monthly plan later?

Jennie: Yes you can always downgrade or upgrade to any plan you like

Visitor: I am interested in subscribing to the quarterly plan but I was wondering whether it is possible to downgrade to the monthly plan after a month

Would you refund me the fee if I do so?

Jennie: Just a moment, we will have someone from the Accounts team answer your query

Thanks for your patience

John: Hi, Thanks for your question

I am John and I take care of all accounting operations for our company

Yes, you can downgrade to any plan whenever you want to, just send an email to your account manager and he will take care of everything

You will only be charged for the current month and we will refund the surplus amount to your account


Branding Tip: Customize The Appearance Of The Live Chat Window

When it comes to online businesses, customer interactions are mostly virtual in nature. In contrast to a real world business where customer interactions, sales and negotiations are categorical, online businesses have to identify themselves as “The seller”, every time a prospect approaches or a lead is generated.

This is where branding comes in, it differentiates your business from competitors, by making use of “recognizable visual elements” the buyer already remembers e.g the logo, the tagline, colors, fonts and typefaces.

Live chat is no exception; if they dont recognize and remember your brand, you will have a tough time convincing them. In the end, its all about winning the trust.

At Conversion Support, we understand your need for a live chat software that can be customized to fit your website’s design and brand. We give you complete freedom on customizing the appearance of the chat window, you can pick your own colors, upload your own logo and change the design whenever you want to.

In the end, it’s your brand – your associates should feel right at home with Conversion Support.

The following guide gives a brief walkthrough on how you can customize the appearnce of the live chat window.
Customize the look and feel of the live chat window
1. Login to your Conversion Support account. If you do not have an account yet, sign up here. It’s free!

2. Go to the “Settings” section and choose “Chat appearance” on the left sidebar.

3. To begin customizing your live chat window, first choose the type of chat window you want to use on your website. You can either choose to show the “On page chat window” or you can choose to show the “Pop up chat window”.

The on page chat window sticks to the right bottom corner of the webpage where the chat is initiated. However, the pop up chat opens a new browser window for the live chat.

Here is a visual comparison of the two:

For best results, we recommend using the “On page chat window” over “Pop up chat”. This is because some web browsers are pre-configured to block pop up windows and popups are not very popular among web users. However, you can use the pop up chat window if your website demands one.

4. Now that you have chosen the chat window type, it’s time to brand the design of the live chat with your website’s logo.

To add a logo to the live chat window, click “Choose File” under “Upload your logo” and upload an image from your computer’s hard drive. The image should be in JPG, GIF or PNG format, with ideal dimensions 260px X 50px.

In general, the size of the logo shouldn’t be an issue for larger images, as our system is designed to resize the image without distorting its aspect ratio. However, if you need help with image dimensions, uploads and fie size, please get in touch with our support team.

Using your own logo in the live chat window is crucially important; a live chat session without a logo may not create a very good first impression. Your visitors remember your brand, they want to connect with you and get answers directly from you, hence it is imperative that you show your website’s trademark during a live chat session.

5. Next, choose colors for different sections of the live chat window and customize the look and feel of the live chat to blend with your website’s existing design.

To do this, click “Edit theme” under “Theme your chat window” and you will see the following:

To choose a custom color for the header of the live chat window, click the “Edit” button placed just next to your logo. Next, choose a color for the header of the live chat window and you should see the changes reflecting on the live chat window in real time.

When you’re happy with a specific color, remember to hit “Publish” to save your selected color.

6. Similarly, you can choose a custom color for the agent’s name and the visitor’s name. However,

White uneven your but:

7. Finally, you can customize the welcome message a visitor sees when a chat is initiated. The welcome message is specific for the agent who is logged in which means, every agent can choose to show his customized welcome message in live chat.

If you have any questions or need further help in customizing the chat window, feel free to contact us or drop us a line at