There are times when your chat agents won’t be available to take chats from your website visitors. It might be an odd hour of the day or a holiday and your chat agents are not tethered to their desks to take chats.

Offline behavior lets your website visitors send you an email through a contact form, embedded within your live chat window. The offline form is shown when your chat agents are not available.

Here is how it works.

If your chat agents are logged into your Conversion Support account and have their status as “Ready”, they will receive chats from users as they normally do. However, if your chat agents are unavailable and you have selected to use “Offline behavior” when your chat agents are unavailable, your website visitors will see a contact form in the chat window.

Here is an example of how the contact form looks like, when offline behavior is enabled for your Conversion Support account:



Enable or Disable Offline Behavior In Conversion Support

To enable or disable “Offline” behavior for your Conversion Support account, follow these steps:

1. Login to your Conversion Support account and navigate to the “Settings” page.

Conversion Support Settings


2. On the “Settings” page, click on”Lead Capture”.

Lead Capture Conversion Support

4. Click on “Offline behavior” and you will see two options

  • Hide Icon when offline: If you do not want to show the “Live chat” icon when your agents are unavailable, choose this option. When your agents are logged into your Conversion Support account, the “Live chat” icon will be shown in your website. This is a great way to tackle “No chat agents” available situation, which can be a major turn-off for your visitors.
  • Use Offline form: Instead of hiding the live chat icon, you can choose to show a contact form to your visitors, when your agents are unavailable.


When you select the “Use offline form” radio button, you will have to enter the following details:

  • Delivery email address: This is the email address where the lead information will be sent, when visitor fill out the offline form and submit it on your website. Ideally, you would want to enter your company’s email address here.
  • Email subject line: You can customize the subject line of the email message that you will receive, once your site visitors fill out the contact form on your website.
  • Message:  This message will be shown to your website visitors, when they click the “Live chat” button and the offline form shows up.

When you are done with setting up the offline form, hit the “Submit” button and your changes will be saved. Please note that you can turn off the offline form anytime by choosing “Hide icon when offline”.

If you have any questions or need any help, please contact us or write to us at

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