Installing Conversion Support’s live chat software in your WordPress website is super easy and takes only a couple of minutes. Please follow these steps to get started with Conversion Support’s WordPress Plugin:

Installing Live Chat WordPress Plugin In Your Website

1. Login to your website’s WordPress administration area and click on “plugins”.

plugin-wordpress-conversion support

2. Click on “Add new” and type “Conversion Support” in the search box. Next, hit “Search Plugins” and you should see Conversion Support’s plugin listed in the search result page:

conversion support-wordpress plugin found

3. Click on “Install Now” to install the plugin. Once the plugin is installed, click on “Activate plugin“.

conversion support - wordpress plugin installed


4. Once the plugin is installed,  go to “Settings”  and click on “Conversion Support”.

conversion support plugin installed 2

5. To activate Conversion Support’s Live Chat software, you need your “Conversion Support chat URL” from your Conversion Support account.

Login to your Conversion Support account, go to the “Settings” page and click the WordPress icon. Copy your “Live chat URL”

copy the chat url conversion support - wordpress

6. Fall back to your website’s WordPress administration area, click “Settings”, choose “Conversion Support” and paste the URL in the “Your Conversion Support Chat URL” box.


paste the chat URL - conversion support - wordpress

7.  Next, click on “Save Changes”. Congratulations, You’re done with the installation and successfully installed Conversion Support’s WordPress plugin. Now, start taking chats from your website visitors, in no time.

start taking chats - wordpress - conversion support

Need help in installing the WordPress plugin on your website? Please contact us or write to us at and we will get back to you.

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