At Conversion Support, you can either choose to show the live chat window on page or you can choose to show the live chat window as a pop-up window.

Here is how to change on page chat window to pop up chat window:

1. Login to your Conversion Support account and go to the “Settings” tab.

Settings - Home Page - Conversion Support

3. On the “Settings” page, click on “Chat Appearance”.

Chat Appearance - Settings - Conversion Support

4. Click on “Chat Window Type” and then choose “pop-up chat window” from the drop down menu.

 Pop-Up chat Window - Settings - Conversion Support

5. Once “pop-up chat window” is being chosen, your changes will be saved automatically and your visitors will start getting a pop-out chat window, when they initiate a live chat from your website.

different windows

Please note that you can always change pop-up chat window to on page chat window from your Conversion Support account settings > chat appearance  > chat window type.

Having trouble configuring the live chat window on your website? Please contact us or write to us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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