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Offline Lead Capture

The offline lead capture form is a nifty feature which can greatly improve your chances of generating more leads. When you’re offline or when your chat agents are unavailable, you can choose to show a simple contact form using which your website visitors can email you from any page on your website.

In practice, the offline lead capture form is a double edged sword, serving as a contact form for website visitors while allowing you to capture and save the lead’s information within your Conversion Support account.

Statistics shows that online shoppers are tired of toll free numbers because often times, toll free numbers have long waiting times. The customer has to go through a series of communication routines, until his call is forwarded to a call center. Then, it takes some time for the support executive to fully understand the customer’s concern and by the time the executive offers a solution, the customers intent and energy is lost.

The result is low sales and unhappy customers. Customers who are interested in your product need unwrinkled support, you don't want to distract them with long telephonic conversations.

In contrast to a complicated support system that uses voice messages, an offline lead capture form is easier to manage and maintain. The best part is that the lead capture form works on its own, without you having to dedicate staffs to attend the customer and neither you have to pay a recurring fee in order to install or use it.

Enable offline lead capture in Conversion Support

Here is how you can enable offline lead capture in your Conversion Support account:

1. Login to your Conversion Support account. If you don’t have a Conversion Support account yet, sign up here. It’s free!

2. Once you are logged in to your Conversion Support account, go to the settings tab and choose “Lead Capture” from the left sidebar.

Now you will see two options, you can either choose to hide the chat icon when you are offline or you can choose to show the offline lead capture form.

3. Select the radio button “Use offline form”..

4. Next, customize the email template of the offline lead capture form and choose a custom delivery email address where the response will be sent, once a lead actually uses the offline lead capture form and submits his contact information.

5. Hit “Submit”. You’re done!

You don’t have to change or update the embed code of Conversion Support on your website(s); the existing code will work just fine.


  1. Choose your monthly plan.
  2. Pick the code
  3. Paste the code in your Website code
  4. Start taking chats!