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Real Time Visitor Monitoring

Conversion Support's live chat has built in visitor monitoring tools which monitors your website visitors in real time. We pinpoint the visitor's current geographical location on a Google map, so you and your support agents can see the visitor's location from your Conversion support account console.

When a visitor arrives on your website, your support agents are instantly aware of the visitors geographical location, his IP address, browser configuration, Operating system and the page he is currently on. This is a really powerful and useful feature which helps chat operators know more about the customer or lead. The more information your support agents have, the better decisions they will be able to take. More information equals better customer support!

When a chat session is finished, a log of the chat is saved in the "Transcripts" folder. We make sure that the visitor's information is saved in each chat transcript. The advantage of saving location information in transcripts is that when you or any of your support agents refer to an old chat, you will have some clue about the nature of the visitor e.g his country, the pages he visited, the questions he asked and how much time he spent on the chat.

Real time visitor monitoring can be useful in more ways than one. A clever support agent can use this to greet the visitor in his local language e.g instead of saying "Hello", the agent may greet a Frenchman with "Bonjour".


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