Live Chat Module For Your Joomla Website

Are you looking for a live chat software for your Joomla website? Conversion Support proudly presents its live chat module for Joomla content management system, which lets you take live chats from website visitors on web and mobile. Integrating Live chat on your website can help you increase sales, provide better customer support and get better conversion rates for your website.

Our live chat Joomla module is super easy to integrate, no coding, no need to edit or modify your website's Joomla template. Simply activate the live chat Joomla plugin on your website, key-in your unique Conversion Support account number and you're ready to go.

Install Live Chat Joomla Module in Your Website

1. Download Conversion Support's Live chat Joomla module from the Joomla extension directory. You can also download the zip file from this direct link

2. Once you have downloaded the zip file, login to your website's administration area with an administrator user account.

3. Within Joomla's administration area, go to your website's extension manager from "Extensions > Extension manager"

4. In the extension manager page, upload the package and choose "Upload and Install" under "Upload and Install"

5. Once the live chat package is installed, go to "Extensions > extension manager" and navigate to "Conversion Support"

6. In the module manager page of Conversion Support, you will see a panel at the right named "Conversion Support Settings".

For Live chat to work, you need to create an account with Conversion Support and enter your unique account number in the module settings. To get your unique live chat account number, click the "Get it Free" link and sign up for a free Conversion Support account.

7. Once, you have signed up for Conversion Support, login to your Conversion Support account, go to "Settings" and click "Plugins" in the left sidebar. Here you will get your unique account number under "Joomla Module"

8. Copy your unique Conversion Support account number; now all you need to do is enter this account number in the settings panel of Conversion Support's live chat joomla module.

9. Return to your website's administration area and paste your unique Conversion Support account number under "Conversion Support Settings". Next, hit "save"

10. You're almost done. On the same page, scroll down to the "Menu assignment" section and assign the module on "All pages". Next, hit "save and close" and you have successfully added and installed live chat software on your Joomla website.

To customize the position or appearance of live chat on your Joomla website, read our getting started guide and learn how you can customize the appearance of live chat to match your site's theme and brand.

Need help installing Conversion Support's Joomla plugin in your website? Please drop us a line at and we would be glad to help you out.


  1. Choose your monthly plan.
  2. Pick the code
  3. Paste the code in your Website code
  4. Start taking chats!