• How can I get started with Conversion Support?

    It’s really easy. Just paste the one line of script tag we give you into your HTML before closing the tag.

  • I chose "custom position" for my chat button, but my chat button doesn’t work when I click it. What’s wrong?

    Make sure to define the right ID or class name to your image tag. Paste the following code in your HTML wherever you want to see your chat icon: <img id=”chatIcon” src=”Your chat icon path here” /> ...and you’ll be set.

  • Should I change my code on my website every time I change my settings?

    No. The single line of script tag will take care of everything. Any changes you make are immediately reflected on your site without having to change your website code.

  • Does Conversion Support work on all operating systems?

    Conversion Support is entirely cloud-based, so it works with all major operating systems and browsers.

  • Can I change the position of the chat icon on my site?

    Of course. We currently support five different positions: 1. bottom right, 2. bottom left, 3. right center, 4. left center., and 5. custom. The default position is right center. For the first four positions, you need to deploy only one line of code (the script tag) on your site. For the custom position other than the four positions, you need to define one HTML element with the class name “chatIcon.” For example, if you want to trigger chats from an image, the code looks like this: <img src = "YOUR IMAGE HERE" alt = "Live Chat" class = "chatIcon" ></img> If you want to show an anchor tag, the code would look like: <a class=”chatIcon” href=”#” >Live Chat </a> Put the script tag at the end of the </body>, and the chat icon wherever you want on your page.

  • How many websites can I install the code on?

    You can install it on as many websites as you need chat. Since we’ll bill you based only on your usage, all we really care about is the number of chats and the number of Users you use.

  • Can I resell Conversion Support?

    Sure, you can.We offer plans that benefit you and us. If you want to resell Conversion Support, email us at sales@conversionsupport.

  • I can’t handle all my chats. Can you help?

    Yes. We offer a 24/7 call center to support your chat overflow. You can take chats yourself, and when you’re busy or unavailable, we’ll manage your overflow chats.

  • Do you need my credit card to try Conversion Support?

    No. Creating an account is completely free, and you can do it in less than 30 seconds. We only collect credit card information after your free trial ends.

  • Is the basic account REALLY free?

    Yes! The basic account is free and includes up to 100 chats per month + one staff member. Once your business takes off and your traffic grows, you can upgrade instantly at any time.

  • Do I have to chose my plan before my trial?

    No. The 30-day free trial is unlimited; you can take any number of chats and create any number of users to take your chats. We don't just want you to try Conversion Support, we want you to learn if it's right for your business. We bill you based only on your usage.

  • How much does Conversion Support cost?

    Conversion Support offers two account plans: Basic (free) and Premium (Small Team) ($19.9/month). Basic is perfect for solo user or partnership. Premium is ideal for established companies.