Mobile Chat is Coming!

We’re really excited to launch mobile chat for Conversion Support.

Why? Because:

1. Mobile chat yields faster response
2. Mobile chat follows people’s online behavior

Conversion Support’s entire underlying goal is utilizing live chat to shrink the gap between your customers needs, current or potential, and your business’ response. Mobile chat offers another vector to reach your customers quickly, efficiently and intelligently.

Faster response time.
Studies in lead response target a five-minute threshold for effective sales leads.

Contact leads past that point, and your chances of actually qualifying them drop precipitously. The quicker your inbound sales team reaches leads through chat, the more leads you’ll get.

If you’re considering any kind of chat service, you’re probably asking some variation of “How can I reach

my customers quickly?” Mobile chat strengthens your chances of hitting the magic five-minute window for lead generation. Especially if you’re frequently away from your desk.

Freeing you from your desk(top).
Maybe you work in real estate, and you’re frequently fielding time-sensitive queries en route to another property. Maybe you work at an auto dealership, spending

much of your workday on the sales floor. Or you’re in outside sales, you know all about that magic five-minute window, and maybe you don’t even have a desk.

Property managers, contractors, architects: all professionals, frequently working in the field, who’d barely consider chat if it wasn’t mobile. Conversion Support mobile chat was made for you.

Ahead of the curve.
Global usage share for mobile browsers has been climbing since early 2009, and even more significantly in the past few months of 2011.

That’s cool, though not a big deal by itself. But compare that trend to global usage share for desktop browsers:

  • Usage share for Internet Explorer: Trending steadily downward since mid-2008.
  • Firefox: Trending downward since late 2010.
  • Safari: Tepid growth since late 2009.
  • Of the top five desktop browsers, only Chrome follows mobile browsers’ upward rise.

This represents a huge shift in browser usage share.

Or consider findings from Forrester Research, a tech and market research company. They estimate that from 2010 to 2015, tablet ownership is increasing at an annual compound growth rate of 51%. Take 1,000 iPad owners in 2010, and you’re looking at 7,850 owners in 2015.

To us, these findings quantify our intuition about people’s online behavior in the coming years—more and more, living and working online will be a mobile behavior—and we’re proud to operate at the edge of that curve.

We can’t wait to show you what we’re building.

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