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Microsoft Deal to Buy Skype

If you’re a desktop operating system vendor, and you’ve created a development platform that helped your customers build their businesses on top of your platform, wand your developer customers are now leaving your development platform

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What do you do? If you’re smart, you’ll look at where your customers are going, and you’ll follow them

Monday evening,

Microsoft and Skype leaders were discussing a potential $7 billion dollar acquisition deal

We were talking about how important it is for Conversion Support to integrate with tools that potential customers are already using because it’s a strategy that involves us following our customers and bringing the product to where they are

Zendesk, for instance, integrates with tools like Salesforce, Basecamp, Freshbooks, Google Analytics, and many more, because these are where they’ll find many of their customers

Some of our competitors already integrate with Skype for this same reason


theory is that many people will already be using some form of IM client, so why not just deliver leads through these existing hooks

Integrating with other applications sounds like a great strategy for Conversion Support’s Live Chat product, and it’s a great strategy for Microsoft to acquire applications that these businesses are integrating with

Microsoft is fighting the moving tide of developers leaving their platform in exchange for the Web, not by fighting change head on, but by embracing it

If this Microsoft-Skype deal goes through, not only will it be one of the biggest deals for Microsoft ever, but it will also position them as a leader in the Internet development space

If this deal goes through, we may see Microsoft become one of our integration partners, branded in the form of Skype

It’s very likely that many other businesses with Web based products may discover that Microsoft has crawled back into their lives

This is a great example of good, strategic management, and it’s another example of



html?mod=googlenews_wsj”>Microsoft Nears $7 Billion-Plus Deal for Skype