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A Sneak Peek at Mobile Chat Beta

Here’s the great thing

about live chat: it is the quickest route between the customer and service. There’s no waiting for a return phone call or being placed on hold, no checking through a spam folder for a reply. It’s simple and to the point. Here’s the drawback: there has to be someone on the other side of the screen. That’s where mobile chat comes in.

There’s no question live chat is a great sales tool. It’s the most convenient option for a customer and, in a world weary of clogged inboxes and cold calls, no personal information needs to be given out. Businesses love live chat especially for capturing impulsive or hesitant customers browsing their site.

However, any sales tool is only as good as the person wielding it. If a customer initiates a live chat and has to wait a few minutes for a reply, or worse, receives no response at all, you just lost a customer.

It’s not practical for a business with a limited staff or highly active sales team to have someone man a computer all day. They have to resort to either outsourcing their live chat, restricting it to very limited hours or risking chats go unnoticed.

That’s why we’re enormously excited to be working on a Conversion Support mobile chat application for Android phones. It’s a simple, intuitive app allowing customer-initiated chats from your company website to your smart phone. It brings all the benefits of live chat without the necessity of a salesperson tethered to a desk.

We already have a Beta version in the works. Here are some of the handy features so far:

Automatic notification: Our app will automatically alert you of incoming chats. You won’t be caught off guard. Once alerted, you have 25 seconds to decide whether you want to take the chat.

Set availability: Being able to take chats anytime is great, but for those times you’re indisposed, you can toggle back and forth between available/unavailable status with a quick touch of the screen.

Quick response time: Once you answer a chat, an automatic greeting is sent to the caller, to minimize the wait time. And the chats are fast, we timed it. Once you send a message, the customer will receive it almost
instantly. The app will automatically scroll when your customer responds, to ensure an even faster response time.

Emailed transcripts: When the chat is ended, a complete transcript, dated and time-stamped, will be sent to your email address, giving you an easily archived and searchable record.

The Conversion Support Android app will allow a company to maximize their live chat service. Live chat no longer needs to be limited to a terminal. As technology catches up to our demand for instant communication, we are able to take an already innovative sales tool and bring it to another level. If you’re as excited as we are, and would like to be a tester for the

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upcoming Beta, contact us, and we’ll get you on the list.

iPad and iPhone Live Chat Solutions For Your Website

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and smart-phone mobile chat product development

When the time comes, we’ll also announce an experimental beta to gather feedback from those in industries who would benefit from such a solution

If you think you would be interested in participating in the beta for a mobile live chat solution for your website, please This entry was posted in Adapting, Live Chat, Mobile Chat Beta, Web Chat Software on by .