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Effectively Using Live Chat

Chat is a powerful tool for keeping in contact with your customers, and we’re proud

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of how Conversion Support strengthens our clients’ bottom line. Whenever we work with a new customer, we remind them of something crucial: More important that the actual tool is how you use it.

A company could employ the sharpest customer-facing live chat interface, but without the sharpest operators using it to communicate the right information to customers, chat’s just not going to work. Chat supports your customer relationships; these best practices support chat.

1. Ask targeted questions.
Outcome-oriented queries keep customer-to-representative chats moving along. Customers and companies love that. Nobody likes wasted time. Your chat operators need to ask the correct questions to gather accurate information, and then use that information to deliver a substantive response.

Auto sales is a terrific example. One of our most prolific

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chat users works in this industry, and they make a practice out of asking five question types that regularly deliver solid leads (and happy customers).

If you’re in a customer-facing industry, what top five questions do your customer service agents regularly ask?

2. Don’t fall back on cliched phrases to pad responses or buy time.
When a phone representative drones through an overused phrase meant to rhetorically soften a request, my cortisol levels palpably rise. Please don’t patronize your customers by saying how happy you are to look up their purchase order for them. Just do it, and deliver your response succinctly, clearly, and correctly. Be friendly without being fake or saccharine.

A successful chat is a human-to-human interaction—that’s the beauty of live chat!—so why revert to machinelike, preset phrases that don’t mean

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anything? That’s subverting the implicit message of live chat. Despite the digital delivery system, you’re still two humans conversing in real-time. So be human.

3. Put experts in charge.
Live answers are useless if they’re wrong. We’ve found that the most successful users of live chat are the companies that put experts front-and-center, facing their customers. Again, if a customer is chatting with you, they’re engaged. They’ll get frustrated if they have to wait too long for the right answers. Dodge that bullet by making sure your live chat operators know their stuff.

4. Make sure chat enhances your customers’ experience.
That means you’ve got to give them something worthwhile: An answer, an insight, a mollified concern, even a friendly, capable personality to embody your brand. Think of live chat as a product for your customers and an investment for you. Live chat gives you sales leads and a stronger connection to your customer base. What, specifically, can live chat give your customers?

Instant Live Chat Demos

Conversion Chat Software eliminates manual processes

Manual processes don’t scale. Not just because they’re repetitive and time-consuming, but also they just don’t scale because repetitive, mind-numbing tasks become boring and tend to promote more human error than automated tasks. Let’s face it. No one likes to do the same boring tasks over and over again, even us.

Automated tasks also have the advantage of being much much faster. You just can’t compete against a computer in terms of speed. The computer wins every time.

We’ve come to the conclusion a long time ago that if we’re doing the same things over and over again, then we’re just not using our time wisely.

We listened to our customers, who suggested we put together some form of chat demo for potential clients to evaluate. Up until a week ago, we were putting together manual demos of what live chat would look like on your website, using a scrape of your site, hosted on our servers. With each demo, we got faster at putting them together, but we hit a point where we weren’t gaining any speed. I also felt like it was cutting into our productivity and ability to innovate.

So I stood at my stand-up workstation in my home office, armed with plenty of caffeine, and in a weekend I created an instant automated demo system for showing what live chat would look like on any website.

The advantages extend beyond just our selfish need to innovate and our need to keep driving our products forward. Not only does this make it easy for us to create an instant demo of live chat on any website, but it also makes it easier for anyone reading this blog, such as yourself, to help us promote our products.

Just enter any website URL in the text box on our home page, and you’ll see an instant chat demo on any website.

Instant Live Chat Demo

Word of mouth is what great businesses are built upon, so please share this information with your colleagues, customers, vendors, and anyone who could benefit by increasing sales conversions from their website using live chat software. Let them know we’re offering free trials and occasionally have very compelling specials.

Check out the new instant conversion chat demos on our Home Page.