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French Language Support, Now Available!


Supporting your customers in their own language has it’s own advantages. When you use the language your customer speaks, it helps to build reputation, trust and greatly improves lead generation and conversions.

We rolled out Spanish language support for Conversion Support a couple of months back. We are delighted to add one more language to our kitty – French!

Apart from English and Spanish, Conversion Support now supports French. If you have support agents in France or want a live chat software in French language, you will love our product.

Here is how to change Conversion Support’s default language to French from English or Spanish.

Login to your Conversion Support account and click the “fr” language icon located at the right top corner of Conversion Support’s web console.

Fr language selection - Conversion Support

The language of the application will change to French, you can again click the “En” link to revert to English and the “Esp” link to revert to Spanish.

Language Changed - Conversion Support

Note: Adding a Canned Response in french is easy. All you need to do is to click the desired response and add it in the current chat.

Please note that when you change the default language to French, it only refurbishes the text of your webpage to French not the entire text of your canned responses. So, the existing responses which are in English language, will remain the same. These responses will not be reformed to French. You will need to add canned responses in french if you want to exercise french responses in chat conversation with your website visitors.

To add a “Canned Response”, login to your Conversion Support account and navigate to “Frequently Used Responses” column. Type your response and press “Enter”. Response will be added in the list. Now, whenever you want to utilize the french response in

fur - 1


fur - 2


fur - 3


fur - 4


Greet as “Salut, comment puis-je vous aider aujourd’hui” (Hi, how may I help you today?).

Got questions? Please write to us at and we will get back to you.

Live Chat, Now In Spanish!

Conversion Support Now Officially Supports Live Chat in Spanish

If you are looking for a live chat software that has language support for Spanish users, here is some goo

Now you can select “espanol” as your primary language in Conversion Support; this will make life easy for your agents who are more comfortable with “gracias” when compared to “Thank you”

To switch from English to “espanol”, all you need to do is login to your Conversion Support account and click the “esp” link placed at the right top corner of the page

Live chat in Spanish

When you select the “esp” link, all the text you see in Conversion Support’s web application will be transalted to Spanish

Here is

how it will look like:

live chat espanol

Please note that in order to send canned responses in Spanish, you must change any existing canned response text you have

If you have saved canned responses in English or any other language, it will be sent as English only and not in Spanish

This update changes the text of our web console to Spanish, it does not modify or translates your canned responses

If you want to change the text and email response of lead capture form to Spanish, login to your Conversion Support account, go to “Settings > Lead Capture” and change the content of the email to Spanish


This update will help our amigos at Spain use live chat more conveniently