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Instant Live Chat Demos

Conversion Chat Software eliminates manual processes

Manual processes don’t scale. Not just because they’re repetitive and time-consuming, but also they just don’t scale because repetitive, mind-numbing tasks become boring and tend to promote more human error than automated tasks. Let’s face it. No one likes to do the same boring tasks over and over again, even us.

Automated tasks also have the advantage of being much much faster. You just can’t compete against a computer in terms of speed. The computer wins every time.

We’ve come to the conclusion a long time ago that if we’re doing the same things over and over again, then we’re just not using our time wisely.

We listened to our customers, who suggested we put together some form of chat demo for potential clients to evaluate. Up until a week ago, we were putting together manual demos of what live chat would look like on your website, using a scrape of your site, hosted on our servers. With each demo, we got faster at putting them together, but we hit a point where we weren’t gaining any speed. I also felt like it was cutting into our productivity and ability to innovate.

So I stood at my stand-up workstation in my home office, armed with plenty of caffeine, and in a weekend I created an instant automated demo system for showing what live chat would look like on any website.

The advantages extend beyond just our selfish need to innovate and our need to keep driving our products forward. Not only does this make it easy for us to create an instant demo of live chat on any website, but it also makes it easier for anyone reading this blog, such as yourself, to help us promote our products.

Just enter any website URL in the text box on our home page, and you’ll see an instant chat demo on any website.

Instant Live Chat Demo

Word of mouth is what great businesses are built upon, so please share this information with your colleagues, customers, vendors, and anyone who could benefit by increasing sales conversions from their website using live chat software. Let them know we’re offering free trials and occasionally have very compelling specials.

Check out the new instant conversion chat demos on our Home Page.

Recently Released Guest Chat Window Live With New Features

We recently made some improvements to the design of the Guest Chat Window that appears on your website when your website visitors make inquiries. The improvements are mainly cosmetic, but they greatly improve the user experience.

Our design team draws inspiration from Apple. Like Apple, our goal has always been simplicity in design. Too much clutter creates confusion, and too many decisions place an unnecessary burden on the Chat Guest. The chat window still boasts the same simplicity in design but with a few new features:

Live Chat Software Emoticons

Body language — a key component in face to face conversation — is lost behind the veil of a keyboard. In addition, tone of voice is absent, as are many other visual and auditory cues that can make the exact same sentence have a fundamentally different meaning in the context of a chat. A jovial message sent in good spirits can easily be misinterpreted as an insulting jibe.

Emoticons negate the potential for messages to be taken the wrong way. This powerful tool, if used correctly, can make the chat seem less scripted, robotic, and more engaging; it essentially allows the Chat Operator and the Guest to relax and be themselves.

However, like any tool, it can be used, and it

can be abused. It’s important that your chat operators are properly trained on using emoticons sparingly. Like a compliment, they can be overused, which dilutes their meaning and impact.

The majority of people do want to connect with another human being, even if it’s behind the anonymous veil of a live web chat. Emoticons are one tool to help facilitate this and make your chats feel more engaging, which results in higher satisfaction, increased lead capture rates, and lower shopping cart abandonment rates.

Live Chat Loading Message

Waiting for Live Chat Agent
Waiting for Live Chat Agent

Chats which are not answered promptly result in abandoned chats. According to a Forrester Research Study, The ROI Of Interactive Chat, chats that wait in the queue longer than 60 seconds are more likely to abandon. The study finds that 45 seconds is an ideal wait time metric to use when determining your staffing needs.

The loading message is an animated image that is designed to give the Guest something to read while waiting for the Chat Operator. The first 20 seconds of the wait time involves transitioning through the four screens. A blank screen can make 20 seconds seem like 5 minutes, whereas an engaged Chat Guest is more likely to experience the wait as a much shorter duration. Our goal is to respond to chats in less than 20 seconds, and we designed the loading screen with this in mind.

No Send Button Needed

Live Chat Agent Chatting With Sales Lead
Live Chat Agent Chatting With Sales Lead

Some people have suggested that our designers add a “Send” button to the Guest Chat Window. Drawing inspiration from the extreme attention to detail that Apple puts into the Mac OS user interface, our designers strongly feel that this is an unnecessary element that creates distractions in the chat window as well as embeds a black mark in the design itself.

The general argument from designers is that the send button is like a vestigial organ. It has no purpose since the Chat Guest can simply press “Enter”. So to meet all of the needs, simplicity in design as well as an intuitive user interface, our developers have added a message to the chat window input box to help the less seasoned chatters figure out what actions they need to take to send a message.

Once again, the Guest Chat Window still sports the same simplistic, streamlined design, except with tools that enhance communication and lower perceived wait times. Learn more about our software offerings and the 30 Day Free Trial. Try out the software for yourself, and let us know what you think!

The Ability to Adapt

What makes Conversion Support stand out among the competition? What makes one live chat software or service stand out from the others? What reasons should one have to use Conversion Support’s live chat software versus a competitors?

The answer to that question lies

in product life cycles. Every vendor at

one point in time was challenged with the task of breaking into a new market. Using cutting edge technologies, these vendors provided solutions that filled a need. However, today we find that many of these technologies are outdated. The Web is a fast moving platform that requires the ability to change and adapt as new and better ways of doing things emerge.

Many competitors are using older technologies that require users to painfully install software on the local computer.

As a smaller company, Conversion Support is agile. Conversion Support is able to adapt to the new ways of building software solutions. Bandwidth-intensive polling implementations are the past. Real-time technologies like Comet and Websockets are the future.

Conversion Support Live Chat is built using Comet, and as soon as the Websockets specification is finalized, we’ll adapt our technology to use this powerful form of two-way communication.

For you, our customer, this means you benefit from software that can be used from any location, without installing it, without having to worry about it being compatible with your Mac or with your Ubuntu


Live chat software that’s easier to use lets your sales force concentrate on what they do best, selling! Live chat solutions that are snappier and more responsive make your sales force better that their job.

The results are measurable. You want to know if you’re in the black or in the red. It’s that simple, and with Conversion Support’s Live Chat you’ll be able to easily access this information from anywhere, anytime, and without installing any software.

The software is free to try for the next 60 days. Click here to experience it for yourself and your sales force!