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Sales Claustrophobia and Lead Response Tools

Live Chat Sales Agent Feeling Claustrophobic

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Chat Sales Agent Feeling Claustrophobic

Anyone who has been in the world of online sales has most likely read the MIT Lead Response Study. This fascinating study defines a small window of time when a sales representative is most likely to find success in qualifying a lead and converting that lead into a sale.

When a lead registers on a contact form on your website, the best time to contact that person is right now. Wait just one hour, and according to, “the odds of calling to contact a lead decrease by over 10 times in the first hour.”

Of course, these are just the numbers for making contact. Even if you were to successfully make contact, according to, “the odds of calling to qualify a lead decreases by over 6 times in the first hour.”

The bottom line is that in a sales environment, timing is everything. There is a very small window of opportunity in which a sales representative has in order to successfully respond to a sales inquiry. That window of opportunity starts closing very quickly, and after an hour, the walls have closed around you, limiting your ability to make a successful impact in your follow-up calls.

Sales is definitely not for the claustrophobic, the people who are afraid of tight spaces. In this field, we must be prepared to act quickly, before the imaginary, yet very real walls of lost opportunity close around us.

The question is how does one use this knowledge of lead response rates in order to successfully take advantage of the opportunities presented. One tool that can help you manage your lead response callback times is our Active Response engine, which we use to power tools such as click to call and our lead response callback system.

This tool has been used successfully in our contact center’s sales department for years. We’ve seen significant increases in our sales numbers since implementing this solution, and now we’re working on bringing it to our clients. I’ll be beta testing this new client-facing solution on our website, and once the bugs are worked out, we will announce the release of this solution as an add-on feature in the Conversion Support Control Panel.

My hope is that it will help reduce your sales claustrophobia just as it’s helped reduce ours. I’ll post more updates as we make more progress on this new solution.

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