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iPad and iPhone Live Chat Solutions For Your Website

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and smart-phone mobile chat product development

When the time comes, we’ll also announce an experimental beta to gather feedback from those in industries who would benefit from such a solution

If you think you would be interested in participating in the beta for a mobile live chat solution for your website, please This entry was posted in Adapting, Live Chat, Mobile Chat Beta, Web Chat Software on by .

Introducing the Embedded Chat Window

Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment With Embedded Live Chat

In order to

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make our live chat software look more like a part of your website, we’ve created an embedded version of the chat window to replace the popup window. Not only does the embedded chat window look like a part of your website, but also it helps your website use a more customer-service, people-oriented approach to dealing with your customers, resulting in increased sales and customer loyalty.

We’ve added the ability for each of your customer service representatives to add a photo or avatar to the chat window, which your customers will see when they interact with your sales or service team.

To add a photo, simply click on the default image in the operator console, browse for an image on your computer, and upload the image. When your customers have a question they cannot find the answer to on your website, they will see and interact with a real person via live chat.

Increase Sales with Live Chat Avatar or Photo
If you are interested in adding the embedded chat window to your website, or would like to start a 30 day free trial and experience the benefits of live chat software, contact us today!

If you are an

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existing customer and would prefer to do-it-yourself, you can add the following code to your website, replacing the existing JavaScript code with this one:


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forget to replace XXXXXXX with your chat window unique identifier.

Turning Bad Live Chat Into Successful Live Chat

Live Chat Software Success Tips

We’ve been in the live chat business long enough to gain a strong understanding of what makes a good chat. When we first started out, we were tempted to treat live chat as a tool that our client’s customers could use to ask questions and get answers. However, today we know that is not the most successful strategy.

In the past, our Client Setup team would build scripts with embedded FAQ’s. Our chat operators used these FAQ’s to find answers to common questions and then regurgitate the answers in the live chat to website visitors impatiently waiting on the other side.

We quickly found that this wasn’t a scalable solution.

In order for us to provide really great service, our agents needed to know enough about our client’s product or service in order to answer questions intelligently. However, the problem we faced is that, with thousands of clients, it’s just not possible for our chat operators to be knowledgeable experts in every single vertical domain.

As a client, you could opt to pay for dedicated agents, but in most cases, this is just simply not cost effective.

Of course, with shared chat operators, where our

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chat operators take chats from any website, we found that inevitably a website visitor would ask a question that either wasn’t on the FAQ or that was formatted in a manner that made it difficult to find in the FAQ.

The other problem we encountered was that the length of the FAQ was directly proportional to the length of our response times. The longer the FAQ, the longer it takes our chat operators to locate the information in question. Additionally, most website visitors quickly exposed us as a counterfeit, immediately seeing that they were communicating with an answering service instead of a knowledgeable expert, capable of answering complex questions.

Here is an example of a bad chat from our darkest days, with the operator’s name hidden to protect the innocent:

Operator [7:55 PM]: Hello, thank you for your interest in Safecycle, your Motorcycle Safety Course provider. How may I help you?
Guest [7:56 PM]: I am interested in taking the course. Do you have classes on Saturday?
Operator [7:59 PM]: I am sorry. I don’t have that information. Can I take your name and number and have someone get back to you?
Guest [7:59 PM]: You’re kidding, right? You work for Safecycle, but you don’t have the schedule? Why are

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you here??
Operator [8:00 PM]: I’m sorry, but someone will be here tomorrow to assist you further. What is your name?
Guest has left the chat…

Live Chat Service Best Practices

The answers to all of our questions were… well… questions!

Today, the story is much different. Today we know that a successful chat service strategy involves the chat operators and the website visitors reversing their roles. Today, instead of our chat operators cringing at their agent desktop waiting for a question they cannot confidently answer, our chat operators are the ones who ask the questions.

Today, our Chat Setup experts meet with you to come up with at least five questions that we can ask website visitors who visit your website and start a chat. For instance, our Chat Setup expert would meet with Safecycles and come up with some questions that our chat operators can use to gain control of the conversation and maybe also provide Safecycles with some additional information that may help them provide better services to the leads qualified from the website.

Below is an example of a successful chat today:

Guest [6:45 PM]: Do you have classes on Saturdays?
Operator Dave G. joined…
Dave [6:45 PM]: Hello, thank you for your interest in Safecycle, your Motorcycle Safety Course provider.
Dave [6:45 PM]: Have you taken a safety course before or would this be your first time?
Guest [6:46 PM]: Umm. I used to ride when I lived in Massachusetts, but the rules are different in Maryland. They want me to take their safety course because I’m only 20.
Dave [6:46 PM]: I see.
Dave [6:46 PM]: Do you currently have a motorcycle?
Guest [6:46 PM: Yes.
Dave [6:47 PM]: What kind?
Guest [6:47 PM]: It’s a 2003 Yamaha 700.
Dave [6:47 PM]: Ok, great. How long has it been since you last rode?
Guest [6:48 PM]: About 4 months I think.
Dave [6:48 PM]: Ok, excellent! Who am I chatting with?
Guest [6:48 PM]: My name is Karen.
Dave [6:49 PM]: Well Karen I think we can help you, but I’ll have to get your information over to the right scheduling department. Can I have a phone number and an email address where our registration office can reach you?
Guest [6:49 PM]: 825-775-6365
Guest [6:49 PM]:
Dave [6:49 PM]: Great! I’ll forward this along, you should expect to hear from someone from that office soon. Have a great evening.
Guest has left the chat…

Live Chat Service Overflow Success Tips

The main difference between the two chats is that one chat resulted in a qualified lead, an individual interested in a product or service, who has taken the first step towards converting to a sale. The chances of converting this qualified lead into a sale is significantly higher now that we’ve asked some questions and made the website visitor feel more invested in what our client has to offer.

The similarity between the two chat is that the operator still doesn’t necessarily have to be an expert on the product or service. In both cases, the operator knows absolutely nothing about the product or service, but by asking questions, we accomplish several things:

  • We show more interest in the website visitor.
  • We gather information that may or may not be important to our client.
  • We engage the website visitor in a conversation.
  • Most importantly, we take control of the conversation.
  • We gain credibility in the eyes of the website visitor.

We can still answer questions, but we suggest limiting it to the top 5 most frequently asked questions

and then immediately following up with one of our own.

In summary, by taking control of the conversation and asking the questions, we provide a much better user experience to the website visitors, build great rapport through live chat, and provide a much bigger lead capture success rate for our clients. Contact us today at 800-220-5390 or sign up on our website at to get started with a successful live chat service strategy.

The Ability to Adapt

What makes Conversion Support stand out among the competition? What makes one live chat software or service stand out from the others? What reasons should one have to use Conversion Support’s live chat software versus a competitors?

The answer to that question lies

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one point in time was challenged with the task of breaking into a new market. Using cutting edge technologies, these vendors provided solutions that filled a need. However, today we find that many of these technologies are outdated. The Web is a fast moving platform that requires the ability to change and adapt as new and better ways of doing things emerge.

Many competitors are using older technologies that require users to painfully install software on the local computer.

As a smaller company, Conversion Support is agile. Conversion Support is able to adapt to the new ways of building software solutions. Bandwidth-intensive polling implementations are the past. Real-time technologies like Comet and Websockets are the future.

Conversion Support Live Chat is built using Comet, and as soon as the Websockets specification is finalized, we’ll adapt our technology to use this powerful form of two-way communication.

For you, our customer, this means you benefit from software that can be used from any location, without installing it, without having to worry about it being compatible with your Mac or with your Ubuntu

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Live chat software that’s easier to use lets your sales force concentrate on what they do best, selling! Live chat solutions that are snappier and more responsive make your sales force better that their job.

The results are measurable. You want to know if you’re in the black or in the red. It’s that simple, and with Conversion Support’s Live Chat you’ll be able to easily access this information from anywhere, anytime, and without installing any software.

The software is free to try for the next 60 days. Click here to experience it for yourself and your sales force!

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