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Introducing Conversion Support’s Live Chat WordPress Plugin

At Conversion Support, our mission is to provide an easy to use live chat solution to website owners, so that you can effortlessly capture more leads, provide good customer support and grow your business. We understand that not every webmaster is a code rambo; editing template files and deploying changes can mean a lot of work.

We are really excited to unveil our new offering for self hosted WordPress sites – The Conversion Support WordPress Plugin. The plugin dynamically inserts the live chat embed code in your currently active WordPress theme, so Live chat is not disturbed when you upgrade the theme or switch to a different theme framework.

Install Live Chat On Your Self Hosted WordPress site

Here is how to install Conversion Support WordPress plugin on

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your WordPress site in less than 5 minutes:

1. Download Conversion Support’s WordPress plugin from the WordPress plugins directory. Once you have downloaded the file, use an archiving utility to extract the content of the package.

2. If you have an FTP client installed, login to your web hosting account, open your site’s FTP directory and navigate to “wp-content/plugins/” directory of your website. Next, upload the “Conversion support” folder to this directory.

3. Alternatively, you can remotely install the plugin within your WordPress administration area, provided you have an administrator user account. To do this, login to your WordPress administration area, go to “Plugins > Add new” and search for “Conversion Support live chat”.

In the search results page, click “Install now” and then activate the plugin.

4. Next, login to your website’s WordPress administration area, go to “Settings >

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Conversion Support” and click on “Sign into Conversion Support”

5. This will open Conversion Support’s web console in a new browser tab. Simply login to your Conversion Support account, go to the “Settings” tab and copy the URL listed under the “WordPress Plugin” section.

6. Fall back to your website’s WordPress administration area and paste the same URL under “Conversion Support Chat options”.

7. Hit “Save

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changes” and you’re done with the installation.

Choose A Custom Position for The “Start Chat” Icon

Now that the plugin is installed, you have to choose a position for the “Start Chat” icon. If your site’s WordPress theme is widget enabled, it is fairly easy to choose a custom position for the Live chat button. Here is how to do it:

1. Login to your website’s WordPress administration area and go to “Appearance > Widgets”.

2. Drag the “Conversion Support” widget and drop it to a widget area on your site’s theme.

3. Done! Now preview your website and you will see Conversion Support’s live chat up and running.

Note: If your website’s WordPress theme is not widget enabled, you have to manually place the following code where you want the “Start chat” button to appear in your website’s template:

Note: Keep the class name “chatIcon”; if you want to style it, use a parent div tag but keep the class name “chatIcon” as it is.

To test it out, view your website. There should be a “Start Chat” button, clicking which will initiate a new chat session.

Have questions or need help in installing the plugin on your WordPress site? Please drop a line at and we would get back to you.

Make Live Chat Work For Your Business – Tips on Improving The Capture Convince cycle

Using live chat on your website for customer support or lead capture is just half the work done. The other half is equally important – how the chat is executed by chat operators or support agents.

When the lead is captured and a chat is underway, the support agent has very little time to convince the lead. Things can go wrong anytime; the support agent’s tone, approach, agility, relevancy, patience and most importantly, knowledge about the product are some key factors which determines whether the prospect will stick to the chat or quit.

Here are some tips on how to make live chat work for your business.

Do not show “Chat is unavailable”

“Sorry! Live chat is unavailable at this

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moment, please check back later.”

This is a major turn-off; it gives the impression that you’re not fully prepared to answer questions or provide support to customers when they need you. Agree it is difficult to be online 24 hours a day, especially when you are short of support agents. But instead of exposing your weakness, use a tactical approach and entail a substitute which your customers can make use of.

For example, instead of saying “Chat is unavailable”, use an offline lead capture form that says “Leave your question and we will get back to you as soon as possible”.

This philosophy has two advantages.

First, the customer will be less annoyed since you’re giving him a contact gateway. Second, although you’re offline, you’re capturing the lead’s contact information. Once you have the email address of the prospect or lead, you can resume the conversation at a later time and help him in other possible ways.

Here at Conversion Support, we believe lead capture should not cease while you’re offline. Hence, we provide an offline lead capture form which allows you to display a simple contact form, when your chat agents are offline.

If you’re using a Live chat service that doesn’t provide an offline lead capture form, our suggestion is not to use the “Chat unavailable icon” at all. Show the live web chat icon only when your agents are available and hide it when your agents are offline.

Have an knowledgeable chat agent

The chat agent is the face of your business, he should know the product and the lead-customer-sale cycle like the back of his hand. He should be aware of all the steps of your sales cycle and should be able to answer questions quickly. More importantly, the chat agent should be aware of the type of questions customers usually ask and he should update himself accordingly.

One thing at a time

When you’re chatting with a customer or lead, do not multitask. By multitasking, I don’t mean you shouldn’t handle multiple leads at any given point of time; there will be situations when you would have to attend three to four customers parallely.

What I mean is that you should not encourage multitasking during a single conversation. Requesting the lead to perform a series of tasks, which also includes answering too many questions at a stretch, is equivalent to an interrogating

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session. The customer may feel overwhelmed, confused and detracted.

Be prepared with Canned responses but use it wisely

Canned responses are a great way to save those precious seconds, you can send pre-made messages to visitors in one click. It saves valuable time and energy, so its a good idea to save frequent messages as canned responses.

But there is a catch to canned responses – they “sound” mechanical and there will be situations when personal attention wins over canned responses.

Imagine you’re chatting with an angry customer who wants a refund. You are trying to pacify his anger but he is not at all convinced and wants a refund right away. Meanwhile, you have another chat waiting in queue, so you decided to send an obvious canned response “Please wait, I am looking into your solution”.

Guess what just happened? The customer can sense that you’re not giving him personal attention and this will amplify his anger. As a support agent, your job is to help the customer, not encourage dissatisfaction.

Document procedures and answers

Imagine you’re introducing a product to your grandma. Think about the most basic questions she might ask, think about the difficulties she may face while browsing even the most obvious section of your website. Questions like -“I have forgotten my password. How do I recover it?” or “I don’t know how to renew my subscription”. And so on.

Now what’s obvious for you may not be so “obvious” for your customers; they are being introduced to your product for the very first time. It is very likely that they will have a motley of common and uncommon questions to ask; your support system should have the answers ready.

Write an FAQ page, have a blog, have a knowledge base or support centre with answers to common questions. When your customers ask a “How to” question over chat, you can just point him to an article page, rather than explaining everything from scratch. Shorter and concrete answers win!

Want more tips? Do read – how to build great rapport with live chat and live chat success tips for non native English speakers.

Speed up Live Chat: Use Push Pages To Open Webpages in Visitor’s Browser

Interaction and engagement is the heart and soul of any customer service. Be it a telephonic conversation, support tickets, email help or live web chat, a support agent’s credo is to engage the lead, answer questions and help the end user in all possible ways. This can mean a lot of things e.g finding information on different websites, researching answers, digging up resources and more.

Conversion Support’s “Push Pages” feature makes this entire flow instantaneous.

What is Push Pages?

Push pages is a nifty feature which allows support agents to open webpages in the visitors web browser. As a support agent, you type in a URL in your Conversion Support console and literally “push” the webpage in the visitors web browser. After you’ve “pushed” the page from your Conversion Support console, the visitor will be automatically redirected to the new web address.

Here is how Push pages actually work:

This methodology has several advantages.

Firstly, as a support agent, you are reducing the number of steps and doing the hard work of typing the web address; the lead can just relax with his coffee. The easier you make thing easy for the lead, the longer he is going to stay. If you request him to open a new browser tab, type in a web address and tell him to do something, he might be hesitant. This may cause confusion and the visitor might decide to abandon the chat or just give up.

Secondly, you are putting a dead end to mistakes the lead might commit. Of course, you can send a URL in the chat conversation but the visitor may still commit mistakes. He may copy only a portion of the

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URL, he may right click the link and choose “Copy” instead of “Copy link address”, he may choose to open the link in a new browser window. Many possibilities.

To avoid these issues, we recommend using the “Push page” feature to open webpages directly in the visitor’s web browser. No errors, no lags and the chat session is fast and effective.

Not on board yet? Sign up today and read our getting started guide.

Install Live Chat Software On Your Website – Getting Started With Conversion Support

When it comes to ecommerce and online sales of a product or service, customer doubt is the biggest problem faced by e-retailers. As we’ve discussed in a previous post, online shoppers are hurried, bustling from one site to another, assuming and deducing their own conclusions within milliseconds.So how do you turn leads into successful sales and convert them to paying customers? The short answer: personal attention. Conversion Support helps you do just that.Conversion support offers live chat software for online businesses, creating an intermediary communication channel between the user and the product. Our app is an ideal lead response solution providing real time support to leads, lower support costs and improving sales conversions. (Learn more)This step-by-step guide will help you get started with Conversion Support and walk you through installing the Javascript code on your website.

Getting Started: Signing Up With Conversion Support

1. Go to Conversion Support and create your account. Conversion Support is free to try, absolutely no strings attached.

2. After you have signed in, you will be taken to the “Settings” page of your account. On the settings page, copy the embed code; an example is shown below


3. Copy the JavaScript code and paste in your website’s HTML template,

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layout or theme, right before the ending body tag. You can paste the code anywhere, it won’t disturb other elements of your HTML template.

5. Done!

Congratulations, you have successfully installed Conversion Support’s live chat software on your website and now you are ready to provide support to customers from a web browser or from your Android device.

Don’t speak Geek? No clue how an HTML template looks like? You may want to seek help from a techie friend, email him the JavaScript code and ask him to help you install Conversion Support on your website. Or, feel free to contact our support team anytime at We would be happy to help you with the installation.

Watch A Demo

Want to know how Conversion Support’s live web chat really works? Click below to initiate a live web chat with one of our support representatives.

Install Live Chat Software on Content Management Systems

We understand that not every website has its own customized content management system and, as a site owner, you may face problems installing the code on your website. We have put together two step by step tutorials on how to get the code installed on sites that are powered by WordPress and Blogger CMS.

Install Conversion Support’s Live Chat Software On WordPress (Self hosted)

Conversion Support does not have a WordPress plugin yet, but it’s something we have in our product roadmap and will be releasing in coming weeks. However, whether you are using a free WordPress theme, a theme framework, a premium theme or a custom made theme, our code should work just fine.

Here is how to install Conversion Support’s live chat script on a self hosted WordPress website:

1. Login to your website’s administration area with an administrator user account. You must use the user account which has permissions to modify and update core theme files.

2. Go to Appearance > Editor.

3. Select your currently active theme. We strongly advise you to backup your theme before proceeding.

4. After selecting the currently active theme, navigate to the footer.php file on the right sidebar. In general, the footer.php file should contain the closingandtags.

Note: Most themes should have a footer.php file and the footer.php file should contain the ending tag. However, the architecture and functionality of a WordPress theme entirely depends on how the Theme author wants the code to work. If you are unable to locate the footer.php file or the closing tag, you may want to contact the theme author for help.

5. Once you have successfully located the closingtag, paste the code right before it and click “Update file”.

That’s it, you’ve just installed Conversion Support’s live chat software on your self hosted WordPress site. Now, open your website in a web browser and you should see Conversion Support’s live web chat in action.

Install Conversion Support’s Live Chat Software On A Blogger Blog

1. Login to your Blogger account dashboard and select the blog or website where you want to add Conversion Support’s live web chat.

2. Click “Template” and Blogger’s template editor will open. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you should see thetag. Here

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is an example:

3. Paste the JavaScript code before the closing tag, hit “Save template” and its done. Now preview your blogger blog and you should see Conversion Support’s live web chat up and running. Hard luck! doesn’t allow site owners to edit the HTML source of your website, so you cannot use any third party script on your site’s template.

Need Help?

Have a Question or need help in getting the code installed on your website? Check our support center for answers to common questions or write to us at