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Conversion Support Live Chat Lowers Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment has been an ongoing concern among e-commerce vendors and online retailers. Only a small fraction of customers arriving at the checkout page complete the transaction and buy the product. Studies show as much as 60-70% of users abandon the checkout process, regardless of the design, usability and nature of the product. A report by Forrester claims 88% of internet shoppers openly admit to abandoning a shopping cart without making a purchase.Let’s take a look at some statistics on what drives web buyers to abandon the checkout process:

The folks at Monetate have put together a brilliant infographic, highlighting the main causes of shopping cart

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abandonment. We can extract these pointers:

  • Do not hide shipping costs: Imagine entering payment details, hitting the “Pay now” button and being greeted by an additional “shipping payment” dialog box. Annoyed? Anyone would be. Unexpected, unplanned-for shipping costs are the leading cause of unfinished transactions
  • Do not make registration mandatory: Jared M. Spool of UIE conducted a series of tests on the effects of user registration on shopping cart abandonment. The studies revealed 75% of the leads forced to register before checkout never wanted to purchase at all. In another case study, the sales went up by 45% after the forced registration was removed.
  • Do not show the coupon code form to every buyer: If you default to showing the coupon code option to everyone, there will be far more bounces. When a buyer sees a discount option, his focus shifts from “buying” to “Googling”. Show the coupon code form
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    only to those customers who’ve been offered a promotional discount.

How Conversion Support Live Chat Can Lower Your Rate of Shopping Cart Abandonment

Conversion Support live chat is a perfect way to offer your customers real-time, personal attention. It’s the equivalent of a sales representative attending the buyer while browsing your store: helping him choose a product, answering questions and clearing his doubts right on the shopping floor.
Our live chat solution is proactive in nature ensuring your support agents are automatically notified when customers are on a specific page—e.g the checkout page, product selection or user registration page—and a chat is triggered after a predetermined number of seconds.
Check out the following example of our live web chat in action:
The buyer is able to express any doubts before deciding to buy any of your products. For example:
  • How does this compare to your competitors’ pricing? – With the near-limitless choices of online stores selling similar products, this question is the most likely to come up. With Conversion Support’s live chat, an informed support agent can win these leads by informing them on competitive pricing and how your product stands out.
  • I don’t have a credit card, are there any alternate forms of payment? – The payment gateway is a major concern for most buyers, first-time buyers, especially, may need assistance with the payment process. This is where Conversion Support’s live chat software can help. When the first-time buyer is accompanied by one of your agents, he feels more confident and motivated. Moreover, the support agent can guide the customer during the entire payment procedure.
  • I’m not sure whether I really want to buy this product, or can afford it. – Here we have a lead who is interested but hesitant. With Conversion Support’s real-time visitor monitoring, your agents are armed with crucial information about the buyer. Your agents know the page the buyer is on, what browser they’re using, their operating system and geographical location. The more information your agents have, the easier it is for them to convince the lead and obtain contact information, which can be used later for follow-ups.
Conversion Support handles overflow chats. If you’re unavailable, or running out of chat agents, let our 24/7 call center step in. When one of your products gets a sudden surge in popularity, and you’re not prepared to handle the overwhelming demand, our chat agents can fill the gaps.
The best part – Conversion Support is free for the first 30 days, you don’t have to shell out a dime to try it out. We’re confident our app will attract and retain more leads for your business. Hit the button below and signup today.

Introducing Android App

Track Your Website Visitors On The Go

The Conversion Support team

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is thrilled to unveil our latest update: The Conversion Support Mobile App.

We’ve brought the fast response time and above-and-beyond-customer-service feel of live chat straight to your Android device. We know not everyone has the staffing available to man a computer terminal and wait for chats, so we thought we’d find a more portable solution.

Our app is simple and intuitive, allowing you to monitor your company website guests and connect with them from your smartphone. It brings all the benefits of live chat without the necessity of a salesperson tethered to a desk.

Automatic Notifications

Our app will automatically alert you of incoming chats and new guest visits. You won’t be caught off guard. Once alerted, you have 25 seconds to decide whether you want to take the chat.

Canned Responses

We understand how important it is to respond quickly to the customers. Save the frequently sent messages as Canned Responses and make your answers ready before they ask you.

Set Your Availability

Being able to take chats anytime is great, but for those times you’re indisposed, you can toggle back and forth between available/unavailable status with a quick touch of the screen.

Emailed transcripts

When the chat is ended, a complete transcript, dated and time-stamped, will be sent to your email address, giving you an easily archived and searchable record.