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Conversion Support User Guide, Part I: Getting Started

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Getting Started
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Manage your chats via the following tabs:

  • Chat Builder
  • Agents
  • Transcripts

Chat Builder
Logging in takes you to the Chat

Builder page, where you can choose a chat icon and design a chat window for your website

To choose your chat icon:

  • On the Chat Builder page, click Choose

  • Choose a chat icon from the icon library and click Update

  • Or click Browse to choose your own chat icon and click Upload

To design your chat window:

  1. Click Edit Theme to display five edit buttons

    • Click the first edit button to edit the header color

    • Click the second edit button to upload your company logo

    • Click the third edit button to edit the text color of agents’ chats

    • Click the fourth edit button to edit the text color of visitors’ chats

    • Click the fifth button to choose a footer color
  2. After choosing your colors, click Save

  3. Click Publish to display your changes on your web page

To preview your chat window, either refresh the page or click Chat Preview

Installation and Configuration
To install the chat icon/start chat button on your web page:

  1. From the Code Snippets, copy the image tag

  2. View your web page’s source code and paste the image tag wherever you need it

If you

example of a clickable chat icon (and its code):

Conversion Support User Guide, Part II: Configuring, Agents, and Transcripts

Configuring Offline Behavior
When you’re offline or unable to take chats, you can either:

  1. Use the Hidden Icon feature to hide the chat icons, or
  2. Use the Offline Survey feature—a simple, two-field offline lead capture form that collects customers’ names and phone numbers

Creating Multiple Chat Windows
Use multiple chat windows to:

  • Design chat windows with different styles for different web pages/web sites, and
  • Route chats originating from different pages to different departments

For example, you can route all chats originating from yourwebsite

com/careers to your HR department, or all chats from yourwebsite

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com/contactus to your Services department, by creating two different client IDs

Each chat window is identified using a 10-digit number similar to your account number, except for the first digit

For example, if your account number is 930000103, your first two chat windows are identified as 1930000103 and 2930000103

To create a new chat window:

  1. Click New Chat Window

    Then, click the drop down at the top right to toggle between different chat windows or web pages

    • New chat profile IDs resemble your account number, except for the first digit

  2. Paste the new script tag code before the closing tag on your web page

    Style the new chat window to match your brand

Be sure to get the right code from the right profile, so that you don’t deploy your original chat window to the subsequent web pages

Use the Agents tab to add new agents and manage their skill levels

By assigning skill levels to agents, they can handle chats on different websites or pages

If you

use only one chat window, make sure all agents’ skill levels have values greater than zero

If you use more than one chat window, you can control which agents handle chats

Configure all agents to handle chats or configure certain agents to handle specific websites or brands

Adding a new agent
To add a new agent:

  1. On the Agents page, click New Agent

  2. Enter the agent’s data (e


    name and email address)

  3. Your agents will use their email address to log in

    Their user name and password will be emailed to the email address you specify

  4. Click Save

Setting agents’ skill levels
Skill levels range from 0 to 9

An agent with skill level 0 will not receive chats

An agent with skill level 9 has first priority to receive chats, and an agent with skill level 1 has the lowest priority to receive chats

Agents with the same skill level receive chats with equal priority; Conversion Support uses the round-robin strategy to equally distribute chats

For example, if Agent Bob’s skill level is set to 9 and Agent Larry’s skill level is set to 8, Agent Bob will receive chats first (unless he’s offline or busy)

To set a skill level:

  1. Select the agent

  2. Click Edit

  3. Select the appropriate skill level (0-9)

  4. Click Save

To take chats:

  1. Click Chat Console to display

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    the Chat Console

  2. Select Ready from the status bar drop-down

  3. To receive pop-up notifications of incoming chats, click Enable Chat Notification

  4. On receiving a chat notification, click Accept to take chats from your clients

  5. To end a chat, click END CHAT in the Chat Console window

The Transcripts tab keeps written records of chat conversations

General details include chat, agent, chat resolution, date and time

Specific transcript details include agent’s name, chat conversation with guests/clients and time

To email a chat transcript:

  1. Select the transcript

  2. Click Email

  3. Enter the email address of the transcript recipient and click Send

By default, transcripts are retained for the last seven days

Use the drop-down at the top right to select three other preset ranges: Today, Last 7 Days, Yesterday, and Last 30 Days

To select a specific date range, use the calendar to select the start/end dates