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Live Chat Desktop Notifications Now Supported in Mozilla Firefox

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From the beginning, we have believed that a Web based solution is the best platform for delivering live chat software solutions to our customers

Google has provided us with a browser that is capable of making the Web a platform for delivering Rich Internet applications to organizations who wish to leave the IT overhead to our expert IT staff

Example of a Live Chat Desktop Notification

Notifications Add-On for Firefox, you can enjoy the benefits of live chat desktop notifications

With this simple plug-in, you’ll be notified instantly if a user on your site requests live assistance

The HTML5 Desktop Notifications Add-On gives users an alternative to Eyeshadow see product

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Below are some instructions to walk you through the installation process

Installation Instructions:

Click “Allow”

Click “Allow” to Enable Live Chat Notifications

Desktop Notifications In Action:

Example Live Chat Desktop Notification

Once configured, when you receive a chat request, you’ll see a toast notification in the bottom right corner of your screen

Just click on the notification to pull the Operator Console back into focus and answer the chat

We believe the best way to get a feel for how this works is to try it for yourself, for free, using our



html?p=html5-desktop-notifications”>exploring the Control Panel features


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you have any questions, just give us a call at 1-800-220-5390, or better yet,