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Why Always-On Live Chat is Important For Your Growth

In my last article, I announced a feature that allows our customers to turn off the live chat icon automatically when they are not online and ready to

accept chats. However, I want to take a moment to talk about why a 24/7, always-on chat strategy is important for maximizing your lead capture rates.

We train our chat agents to ask a series of questions to chat leads with the goal of taking control of the conversation in order to successfully capture contact information. Ask for this information too early, and you’ll lose the lead. But if you ask for this information after asking a series of qualifying questions to Build Great Rapport With Live Chat, then when you

do ask for contact information, the chat guest will be more comfortable handing the information over.

It’s true that your staff are going to know your product much better than our chat agents; however, we recently compiled some statistical data in order to compare the lead capture rates of our equivalent experts, our sales team, with our lead capture chat agents. The numbers were surprisingly close!

Of call of the chats taken by our sales team, 21.53% of those were qualified leads where we captured contact information. Of all of the chats that overflowed to our contact center chat agents, 22.46% of those chats were qualified leads with contact details captured.

Had we chosen to operate our chat campaign without using the overflow services of the call center, we may have lost over 100 leads over the course of a 4 month period. It’s definitely worth doing the math. You may discover that the cost of an overflow plan will pay for itself in the form of more sales.