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Live Support Offline

Live Chat Closed
Live Support Closed

Live Support Offline. Sorry, we’re closed. Come back another time. I commonly

see this on our competitors websites. Some of them promise to be there when you’re not. They claim they are a 24/7 operation, yet they don’t seem to be eating their own dog food.

I firmly believe that sends the wrong message to customers, especially if you’re in the business of live chat. Conversion Support is in the business of live chat web software, but we also provide chat services 24/7. Our collective of chat operators never sleeps.

Even in your business, in the global marketplace, leads can come calling at any time of day on any given day of the week. You want to make sure that a live chat operator is standing by, ready to capitalize on the night owls and the international businesspeople who just happen to be surfing the web in the wee hours of your morning.

Conversion Support’s Live Chat Software is backed by 24/7 chat coverage. Even if you aren’t working, we are.

Click here to signup for a free trial, and get started in just minutes.

The Ability to Adapt

What makes Conversion Support stand out among the competition? What makes one live chat software or service stand out from the others? What reasons should one have to use Conversion Support’s live chat software versus a competitors?

The answer to that question lies

in product life cycles. Every vendor at

one point in time was challenged with the task of breaking into a new market. Using cutting edge technologies, these vendors provided solutions that filled a need. However, today we find that many of these technologies are outdated. The Web is a fast moving platform that requires the ability to change and adapt as new and better ways of doing things emerge.

Many competitors are using older technologies that require users to painfully install software on the local computer.

As a smaller company, Conversion Support is agile. Conversion Support is able to adapt to the new ways of building software solutions. Bandwidth-intensive polling implementations are the past. Real-time technologies like Comet and Websockets are the future.

Conversion Support Live Chat is built using Comet, and as soon as the Websockets specification is finalized, we’ll adapt our technology to use this powerful form of two-way communication.

For you, our customer, this means you benefit from software that can be used from any location, without installing it, without having to worry about it being compatible with your Mac or with your Ubuntu


Live chat software that’s easier to use lets your sales force concentrate on what they do best, selling! Live chat solutions that are snappier and more responsive make your sales force better that their job.

The results are measurable. You want to know if you’re in the black or in the red. It’s that simple, and with Conversion Support’s Live Chat you’ll be able to easily access this information from anywhere, anytime, and without installing any software.

The software is free to try for the next 60 days. Click here to experience it for yourself and your sales force!